Saturday, January 25, 2014

Discouraged but I will climb back up

Almost didn’t get the procedure done.  They registered me and I felt pretty good but had THE Headache that has been with me for about 10 days or longer.  Dr. Griffin was ready for me when he finished his last procedure so the nurse started preparing me for the camera going down my esophagus  and she put the port in for blood then hooked me up to the machine that monitors heart rate and all of that good stuff. The machine started clanging right away.  The reading was 400 and irregular. so she reset it and  just got back around to the port and it went off again.  My heart has gone back to being out of rhythm and “uncontrolled” A-fib.  Of course it was should we do the procedure or not.  I had about 8 or 9 people in the room including some one from cardiology .  Then Dr. Griffin came in and asked how I felt and I said pretty good.  He explained it was more risky with my heart beating erratically and wondered if we should do it.  I really like this doctor and he speaks down to earth.  He asked several questions and Then he said “what do you think” and I said”Let’s do it.”  He said he felt I made the right decision and lets go.  I had forgotten from years back that I was wide awake and the next everyone standing around watching me. They had put the camera down there and found a blood vessel in the esophagus that looked suspicious so he sealed it but said he didn’t think that was the big problem.  He said my blood count was up to 800 which was lower but needed worked on.  He told me to call my doctor when I got home and also my cardiologist. Everyone closes at noon on Friday and the answering machines are trained to not allow a patient to figure out where to go, for help in talking to the doctor.  I had read on the warning sheet they give you “Do not take multaq if heart goes into  A-fib, uncontrolled. So I just did not take

it,  I was never concerned before until Dr. Hibbard said the last time when it would not stay in, “ you may have to live with it.”  That day they shocked me and it went back in rhythm and has stayed until, my guess would be the middle of the week.  Then I started having this migraine type headaches. So discouraging.  On to a better topic.  “Spunky”his first time being left alone since his surgery.  He scolded us and danced around..  I came in the house first while he was greeting Joe, and Joe had a roll of toilet paper on the floor beside his chair because Joe has year around allergies.  Needless to say  the  toilet paper was there only in shreds all over the house. Then last night at bed time he went to the end of our bed for the first time since he got home.  They have separation anxiety.  He did not trust us to stay home so he came and made sure we stayed.  I heard him come out to “his bed” about one AM.


jack69 said...

I am looking for some real change pretty soon. The weather will warm and you will feel better. At dog knows it is hunting season, and he is ready to go Coon huntin'!
Love from Florida... We are ready for Global warming!

Steve Finnell said...
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Paula said...

You have been through too much worry Lucy. I pray they get you fixed up soon. Bless Spunky's little heart.


Prayers are headed your way Lucy. I am sorry you are having to deal with this. Feeling bad is the pitts.

Jean said...

Prayers for you and hope you will be feeling better soon. It's up to 50 degrees here this morning, but they're talking cold again next week. That spunky is so cute. Take care. Jean

DD said...

Dear Lucy, I am praying that you will bounce back very soon like you always do.
Spunky is a very smart dog. I love to hear about him. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Can't say that I am not concerned about you. Have they ever talked about an ablation - where the kill off the part of the heart that is misbehaving? My son does that. Now I don't know just wondering.

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