Sunday, January 26, 2014


I am still alive and kicking but not to peppy.  I am feeling all the areas where the “little” camera was in my body.  It is sore but if that were all off my worries I would be happy.  I have to get in to see Hibbard tomorrow morning,  The cardiologist.  All I did was ask if I should take my multaq and it sent off a chain reaction.  Nearly wound up in emergency, but finally added an aspirin, baby aspirin to the pradaxa, a blood thinner, and see the cardiologist as soon as possible, Monday.  I want to see Gobbo also. My family Dr.  I could not get ahold of him.  To the person that left a well meaning comment all about God and forgiveness. I am sure you meant well but please do not leave a long comment like that. To me, my religion is a very personal thing and I want to keep it that way.  I appreciate your thoughts  and prayers, but I just like it best the way my fellow bloggers sent their prayers. Not a sermon.  Will let you, all know what happens, in the meantime., keep me in your prayers.  I think I am needing them more now than ever before.


Paula said...

You have my prayers Lucy. I hope you are able to get everything under control and feel so much better soon.

DD said...

Dear Lucy, I know you will be worried until you get this all fixed and you are back up to speed. I am praying that will be very very soon.
Sending Love from me to you.

Jean said...

I was getting worried about you, you didn't show up on my computer until I check just now. I will be thinking about you tomorrow, and I hope all goes well. I will be praying for you lady. Jean


I'm glad you are being taken care of, Lucy. Prayers headed your way.

Chatty Crone said...

Hope you got into the doctors and I am sending prayers.

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