Saturday, January 4, 2014

I am going to write a short blog. Thank you Shirl for understanding my situation

Well, I guess Joe and I and Spunky are not so bad after all.  Someone donated 80.00 to Spunky’s bill.  We have been paying a little every month and Pitts goes along with that.  All of a sudden we had noticed that our bill had dropped a quite a bit.  Someone that goes by our house every day donated some money our bill .  If we know them, we have no idea who it is, but living here as long as we have if we are out in the yard  many of them yell “hi, how are you?”. Department of Roads walk by here, I should have said people from the roads come by and stop and talk, a few minutes.  So we do have people that apparently think we are good people.  They know Spunky is a good dog.  Sorry I got frustrated and spilled my feelings.  I do not want sympathy over our problems.  I was just trying to get rid of some of my frustrations.  I hope you all have made  good money  all of your life. invested wisely and not had a heart attack at 64 and had to retire early because the work was to heavy even though he did go back till he was 68 but our retirement was gone because we had to eat.  I guess the people that don’t understand medicare, medicaide,  and Medicare advantage plans are comfortable  enough they do not have to depend on it for insurance.  That is it for today before I stick my big foot in my mouth again.  Shirl since my e-mail is so unreliable  I will tell you I am going to try to e-mail you .


jack69 said...

Love that picture of Christopher. And how sweet to have an Angel lower the bill.
Insurance is a very confusing thing and seems to have gotten even more confusing.

Love from Florida (after seeing th snow and temp, the 60's ain' bad. LOL

Jean said...

Good morning Lucy, we're getting some of your cold weather down here in the south, but not snow.Lol.I know what you mean about this insurance cost being so high. You take care and stay warm. Jean from a cold South Alabama.

Paula said...

That was very nice of someone to help you out. There are still good people in the world.

Paula said...

Forgot to say Christopher looks as if he is having so much fun in the snow. So cute!

shirl72 said...

I got your response and responded
back today. I think I told you
my first job was in insurance and
it is hard to understand. Dealing
with the Government is not easy.
They make things so complicated
and put in words that is hard to
understand. I guess the printers
need to make their money printing
the forms. We are having very cold weather. Try to stay warm.
Tell Joe and Spunky I said Hello.
That is a cute picture with Christopher in the snow and all
those footprints.


LOVE that header picture with Christopher in the snow.

Chatty Crone said...

There are some wonderful people out there - that is so cool.

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