Sunday, January 5, 2014

It is cold!!!!

Blasted cold weather.  I have not had the courage to look at what our weather is, but feel, tells a lot.  I don’t think it is 22 wind chill yet but temps are supposed to be very cold. I think 3 below.  I will have to check on that. I am not going to go outside to do it.  That wind has howled all night.  They are forecasting snow flurries. Joe commented yesterday if I needed anything from the store tell him yesterday. I don’t really need anything.I  have a lot of left overs cleaned up.  Kathy sent some ham up sliced fairly thin.  I need to use that.  Thought about home made scalloped potatoes  and ham.  I don’t have any dried beans or I would fix that.  Since the ham is fairly thin I think I will either cut it up or layer it.  I start thinking early in the day about what to fix for dinner.  Spunky and Joe are still sacked out  Spunky is so funny.   I am trying a new method of “all gone” with the treats.  I hate sounding like I am mad at him to get him to understand the treats are enough for that treat time.  One night after giving him his bedtime treats, I had told him all gone and he was still hanging around and I knew he was going to howl again, so I walked him out to his “bed”, my couch.  I went back to the bedroom and turned around and there he was, he followed me back.  That time it was easy. I asked him if he heard me say “go to bed”. He just turned around and went and got on his bed.  I nearly passed out I was so surprised.  He gets a fairly firm rub down before he goes.  Going to go turn the heat up.  It is cold in here.


shirl72 said...

Well Lucy you are up early.
Spunky understands what you say he
is a smart cookie.

Better stay inside so you want
slip and fall. Glad you have
enough left overs so Joe want have
to get out in this bad weather.
It is raining and we are expecting
colder weather. Our weather has
been up and down very unusually.
for North Carolina.

Try and stay warm...

Sheila Y said...

Stay in and stay warm! I think nearly everyone is going to get a blast of this cold. Glad Spunky decided to mind his Mom. :-) Take care, Sheila


Stay warm. Spunky is one smart dog.

Paula said...

Spunky is a good doggie and you're good to him to give him a rub down. Susie likes her head brushed so I do that for her. She doesn't want any other part of her body brushed.

jack69 said...

The scalloped potatoes sounds great for a cold day. Aw come on give the kid a treat, its cold outside. LOL

Stay warm, It isn't long until Spring, is it? OUCH

DD said...

Hi Lucy, I don't like the cold either. Spring will look good to me. I love Spring because I know Summer is around the corner..haaa. I love your Spunky stories. Christopher is precious there in the snow. Keep warm, snuggle up to Joe.

Chatty Crone said...

Hello and sorry I am so late. We have taught Disco all gone and it works pretty good. But dogs are such munchers aren't they?

It is cold here in ATLANTA too! Everywhere.

You sure do have a lot of snow there.


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