Monday, January 6, 2014

It is cold, or have I said that before

It is going to be impossible to imagine how much our gas bill will be.  Every time I woke up it was running. Now that I am up it stopped for about 5 minutes at the most and came back on.  Google said it was 8 above but MSN said 2 above.  That is supposed to be our high for today.  I do hope Jack is snuggled up with Sherry in balmy Florida.  If he were here and stepped outside he would be frozen in place.  There are hearty people that  can stand the cold and then there is Jack.  I will be in for it when he reads this.  My daughter e=mailed me that my great granddaughter was in a car accident yesterday.  They were going down 84th which is pretty busy all of the time, and was coming up to Wall-Mart entrance and a car pulled out in front of them..  They had her friends car.  The person that pulled out was knocked out for a while but I guess no one was seriously injured.  They were holding Brianna over night for observation. Connie said her neck was hurting and her shoulders.  I am afraid she got a whip lash.  I did when I was 38 when a drunk hit my car from behind while I was stopped at a red light.  I got along pretty well for a number of years but since 70 it gets steadily more painful.  I feel like I have that horrible flu that is going around  and my neck and shoulders are giving me fits, this morning.  Nose thinks it is a water faucet.  I had to get up and there is no where to go but the computer room.  Paula, isn’t it funny how cats can be so independent?  Of course Spunky is not far behind on stubbornness.  HHMMM, I have a stubborn Beagle and you have an independent cat and we both have stubborn men to deal with.  I bet our pets learned that from them.  Sheila and Shirl, I am staying inside.  I probably would freeze in my tracks if I stepped outside.  That little Christopher has to be drug in from outside.  His snow suit sheds water good and that is a blessing.  Still don’t know what is ahead for him but we all enjoy him  He gave me a big hug and a nice kiss..and Joe a big hug.  Sheila did your mom get snow in Alabama??.   She said she thought I sent cold air down ?there>I still have it so it wasn’t me.  So what is the weather like in Georgia, Sandi? I wound up making a new recipe for Potato Soup yesterday.  Put it in the crockpot. A bag of frozen hash browns,  large can of chicken broth. can of cream of chicken soup and lots of chopped onion, cook on low for 5 hours.  Cut up 8 OZ of cream cheese in the last 30 minutes and stir often and eat.  It was good.  I was very Leary of it but it was  really good.  We will have the rest of it today.  Found out the hard way it does not freeze will because of the cream cheese.  Must close this book or no room for it.


DD said...

Hi Lucy, It is very cold here in the south. I think we are 14 degrees right now. The news said it was colder here now than it has been in over 20 years. I will not be going out for a few days. It is supposed to be back up to 60 degrees by Saturday. I think I heard it right. I want me some Spring...then some Summer...Ahhhh.

Claudia said...

The high was 51 yesterday and during the night I could hear it raining. When I got up this morning and went to get the newspaper on the driveway the rain had turned to ice pellets.

Chuck and I shoveled the drive, we actually just push it to the side and then salted the drive. It is now 19 and going down to about -10 tonight.

jack69 said...

WHAT? It is cold there? You never mentioned it before, there you go joking again! I heard Nebraska is where the Eskimos come for the mild winter. LOL

Sorry for the cold spell, but the whole country seems to be 'enjoying it' and YEP I tried but could not keep Sherry away from me, I HAD TO SNUGGLE! (I have learned how to suffer thru that!)

Oh yeah, I love the picture of Christopher in the snow!(I know I have said it before)

Quit calling a BEAGLE stubborn, you are getting nasty in the cold.


Love you and try to stay warm spring is JUST AROUND THE CORNER????????

Sheila Y said...

No snow in Alabama, we are in the 30's right now. Supposed to be in the teens tonight and about the same temps tomorrow. I will head home tomorrow, was going today but decided not to fight the wind. Take care, Sheila

Chatty Crone said...

That potato soup sounded great.

Okay in GA - tomorrow we are supposed to be 7 degrees. Coldest ever! School has already been canceled due to coldness. You do know we are wimps down here don't you?

I hope your great granddaughter will feel better soon.

Disco is one stubborn dog too!

Love, sandie

shirl72 said...

Lucy it will be 8 tonight coldest
it has been since 2001. This it
cold and I am ready for spring.
I knew Jack would get you for
fussing at Spunky. Now he is good
he just howls at you for treats.
He know what he wants.

The soup sounds good the recipes
we make up sometime are the best.
Stay inside and stay warm.


Your potato soup sounds delicious. Stay warm, be safe in these bitterly cold temps.

Paula said...

We're not as cold as you but you know we don't know how to cope with cold. It is really cold for here. Maybe it is a different kind of cold. We're getting a chance to wear our winter clothes.

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