Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I think we are getting out of the deep freeze ….for a while

I will see what I can do to write a short blog.  Joe just got up sooner than I expected. He makes coffee and that will take a while.  He is so disciplined in the way he does anything.  Me, if I get things done I don’t care  what order they are done in. Shirl, I was about ready to pack Spunky up and send him to you.  He was so determined he was going to get every treat in the house and I was equally determined  when I said “all gone”.  I can’t look at him until I am ready to get tough with him.  He sticks his head up in the air and makes a perfect “0” with his mouth and lets  loose with a howl and then look at me.  He normally is pretty good about the final “all gone” but last night he was not.  I think it is because I have been giving him a little bit of ham or a taste of turkey. That ended last night.  Back to DOG treats.  He doesn’t  wait long between howls. He is supposed to get a treat after he goes out at 8 or there about.  Last night he just wanted them to keep on coming. Same at 10.00.  When I thought I had finally won I was telling him he was a good dog. he was a good dog and I loved him and all the things you do when they are good and I thought I saw his shadow from the light in the living room and he was not in bed.  He was sitting right in the doorway of the bedroom where he had given me such a hard time. I did finally win.  Well, this is all dog, but I have to go for now.  Later maybe.


jack69 said...

Give the Spunky one some more treats. He has to go out in the cold to do his business that should be worth something in that weather.

Stay warm....
Love from the 32 degree weather in FLORIDA!

shirl72 said...

Lucy put Spunky on a plane and
send him to NC. I will be at the
airport waiting for him. He wanted some more ham and turkey he said that was good. Now be nice to my little friend.

We are having very cold weather
9 degrees but will warm up to the
30's. Rain again weekend I guess
weather has been the topic for a while because everybody is having cold which is very usual for us. Jack said even cold in Fl.

Hope you are feeling better try
to stay warm.

Chatty Crone said...

Lucy - you are so cute. I know how Spunky feels - he is hungry. So why are you changing his treats - is he heavy? We once watched a beagle and he cried the entire time - I thought I'd have nervous breakdown.

It is cold cold cold here!



Spunky is quite a character for sure.

DD said...

Spunky is a sweetie for sure. I love your all dog posts, your weather posts and your whatever posts, as well.
It was very cold here all day, but is supposed to warm up to 42 degree tomorrow....yes, 42 degrees...lol. I guess we will thaw out.
Take care, DD

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