Thursday, January 30, 2014

I do not have to leave the house today!!!

I did not know I loved my home so much!!!!  I get to stay home, probably for at least a week, since the weekend will be coming up.  Jack, you are always so full of curiosity  about nearly everything and now all you need is a Nuclear Stress test.  It is different and didn’t even have to go on the treadmill.  They put an IV in and attach it with 2 separate ports on it so they can inject 2 different meds at the same time.  I had my first trip into the machine and  my head stays out and they took pictures of my heart without the nurses being there.  It would move every way but upside down.  Then back to my recliner., I might add a very uncomfortable recliner .  Later they came and got me and said they were going to do the nuclear tests.  They told me I may feel strange.  I felt very warm inside of my chest and the machine was snapping pictures as it moved, same machine.  They got me out and I sat in one of the most uncomfortable  chairs  in the world.  They were waiting for reactions.  My chest felt heavy and I immediately got a headache but the heavy feeling went away and they got me some hot chocolate and graham crackers.  The hot chocolate was for the caffeine in it to counteract the shot that had nuclear stuff  in it.  My headache went away and the heavy feeling went away and I got to leave. But I just pictured you crawling out of that machine and trying to take it apart .  It is amazing how modern the machines are. Sorry I singled you out Jack but I can’t picture any of my lady bloggers being that curious.  They took my halter monitor off.  I was glad to get rid of that.  It was not to cozy a bed partner.  There should be some answers with all I have been through.  My body is one screaming mass of pain. I am sure my arthritis flared up more with all of this.  I think Dr. Hibbard gave me his cold.  Just raised the shade and it looks like snow will get here sometime today.  Weather people said tomorrow.  We need moisture.  Would rather have rain in spring. Our kitchen sink stopped up and we had been so careful using sink strainers and all but where it hooks into the pipe’s out connection that probably has been there till the end of the time, it is a sharp  straight connection that meets another pipe that goes down.  It clogs there every time.  I do know that Joe is not up to crawling on the floor, and laying at such an awkward angle in the cramped space.  I know he may still be getting good reports on his heart function but his body is giving out.  His shoulders are so stooped and he is really bent over from the mid chest area.  He has been taking me every trip. Plus taking on more of what I have not been able to do.


jack69 said...

Now we have a Nuclear Lucy, taht is allwe need. One that runs on nuclear power! WOW is Joe in for it now! LOL
I have heard of those and it is hard to know how they substitute the stress test. AMAZING.

So stay home and 'RELAPSE'. Glad Joe is filling in the gaps. Good that you guys have each other. That is a lot to be thankful for.

Love from Florida a little cool here in the 40's.

Jean said...

Glad you made it through your test some test is about as bad as surgery. We had the same problem a while back only it was the bathtub It cost me $80. To get it fixed and the guy said he might have to replace the pipe. I'm sure our pipes are old like yours and they were rusted inside so since it's working I haven't had to call him back. Glad you're getting a few days to rest. Take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

Well I lost my was
asking for my password. That is
always fun.

I think I was talking about how
technology has improved. I think
I have been left behind.

Hopefully they will find your
problem and put you back on the
road to recover.

Stay warm.

Paula said...

Glad you got those all out of the way. Now for them to get some answers and FIX you. Stay warm and relax, glad Joe is helping you.

DD said...

Yea! I know you are glad to have all of that behind you. I bet Spunky and Joe are glad, too.
I think our severe cold weather is least my "know it all" hubby said so. Haaa.
Take care and stay warm.


Glad the test is over and done with. Now you can move forward and take care of any problems.

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, sweet Lucy--I'm so sorry you had to go through this. ((hugs)) I love you, my dear Friend.

I wish the snow were coming here. ((HUGS))

Chatty Crone said...

So did you get the results yet? Gosh you go from one test to another fast! I don't think things move so quickly here.

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