Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I think, the final test, stress test

I was pleasantly surprised by my cardiologist.  He came in after the EKG and all of that and asked how I was.  I said not so good  He said  “what can we do to make it better”?  I said “make me able to walk farther than that curtain and not be short winded” and walk a ways without being short winded and hurting through my entire back and shoulders.  He asked me what was going on and I told him about Gobbo’s tests, the spells of partial vision , the 2 times I could hear Joe but could not answer him.  He asked me how long ago these had been happening and I told him a course of 6 months but 3 in the last 2 months. so he got serious and ordered a bunch of tests . I am wearing a halter monitor and can not wait to get it back to them.  I go in at 12:45.  I have to go eat before8:45, will miss my coffee.  No caffeine before test.  Wii see if  I feel like getting back to you.  Shirl, you and Sheila keep that snow there.  You could do us a favor and dance for rain here.  We need it.


jack69 said...

Well imma hoping you study hard for these tests and pass. LOL
I do hope they show something that can be treated. I know you are tired of all this suspense and waiting.

Love & prayers that they won't trade the halter for a bridle!
Take care and stay warm..

DD said...

Good morning, Lucy. I hope you are feeling a lot better this morning. Getting all of this running to the doctor's office will help, I am sure.
Your flowers look so pretty on your side bar. I remember how we tried so hard to identify your balloon plant. Forty Pound Sack came up with the name, didn't she?
Take care, (As Jack would say, hang in there and you will be back up to snuff soon).
Seriously, Take care, Lucy and feel better soon. Love, DD

shirl72 said...

Glad you had a chance to tell the
Dr. about your problem. Maybe
now they can come up with something that will make you better. Hope Spunky is improving each day.

Sheila and I will dance for rain
in your area. We are still cold
but the Sun is out. We only had
a ground cover of snow. Would you
believe we will be 60 the week-end
Weather has been unpredictable.

Paula said...

Glad you have a doctor who is trying to get to the bottom of your problem. Praying they can fix it and make you feel so much better.

Chatty Crone said...

I'm hoping that they will find an answer for you. I want you to feel better. He sounds like a good doctor.

We are in a state of emergency for ice here in GA. So we got some of your snow for you.


Sheila Y said...

Praying all goes well and you get some answers. I was happy with our snow, we started getting a few flurries around 10am but around 1pm it started good. Snowed steady until around 2am. It was a finer flake most of the time. So powdery we couldn't even make a snowman or snowball. But I love it...ha. We might need to wait until warmer weather to rain dance, with this cold winter everyone is having it still would turn to snow. :-D


Glad the doctor listened to you and took some action. Hopefully a solution will come soon.

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