Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is going to be even shorter

Go to the cardiologist today.  He and I just do not see eye to eye.  Dr. Gobbo said he and the one that did my scope have decided to watch the intestinal area and take blood often and if what ever it is does not seal itself there is a capsule I can swallow and it has a tiny camera in it and eventually will pass through and I have to retrieve it and they can look at the pictures after that journey.  Dr. Griffin said it is risky to put me even in a twilight sleep because of the A-fib.  I have gone to that doctor once a year since they shocked me  and got it in nearly 4 years ago and he has yet to put a stethoscope to my heart. I don’t sleep well.  Had a hard enough time doing that anyway. his has got to be quick.  I have an appointment with cardiologist.  I don’t like him


jack69 said...

Okay, you open new avenues. Swallow a camera? Gonna follow the dude and recover it?
Oh I remember that, I swallowed a dime once and recovered it, but I went out behind the hen house and made my deposits on the ground and used a stick to find my dime, I just can't see you doing that! SMILE, You would freeze your xyz off! OH!

Hope you start liking this dude, It is no fun to haves someone in attendance you ain't happy with. Take care...

DD said...

I hope you have good luck with the appointment today, not having to wait a long time, etc. Most of all, praying you get well soon!

We had a few snowflakes falling here this morning....very few.


shirl72 said...

I can't understand Dr's today.
I wish we still had some of the
old ones. They could almost
look at you and diagnosed the
problem. They were very knowledgeable.

Hope you soon gets some good news about your health. I don't know about the camera must be something

Chatty Crone said...

Well the scope they did could only see a portion of the colon. If you are bleeding somewhere in the 35 feet of colon that capsule will find it.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I hope you did not get any
more snow. Sheila and I were dancing for snow in our area and we got Snow. The ground is covered we got snow. WE GOT SNOW..


I know you don't like the doctor but if he can uncover your problem then more power to him.


PS) YOU Hang in there.

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