Thursday, January 23, 2014

It is 3 below zero at 6:45

You just gave me hope that the test won’t be so bad, Jean.  I will be glad to get it done, and over.  Hope that whatever they find will go away. Every day I get a headache .  It feels like a MIGRAINE.  I have not had migraines for years until all of this cropped up.  I did not have one the day after the transfusion. I am holding off on the appointment with the cardiologist. This is he usual time of the year he wants me to come in.  Dr’s don’t need to line up waiting for me.  Pick on the rich folk. I felt so sorry for Spunky and due to my own carelessness I feel sorry for me that I caused the big stain that Spunky left when he upchucked his supper last night.  I had a few pretzels in a bag and dumped them out in a margarine container.  Last night I decided to eat what few that were left.  There was a lot of salt in the bottom of the container and thank goodness I dumped that in a waste basket, and put the bowl down on a basket I had by my chair and thought I would take it in the kitchen when I got up.  I was so glad I dumped the salt out but Spunky licked the margarine container and it had just enough salt left that was adhering to the bottom it caused him to lose all of his supper.  I do mean all of it!!!. I cleaned both areas up but that was a JOB.  I knew when it dried it would still have a stain but I will tackle it today with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and vinegar mixed together.  Maybe make the peroxide a little more of it than usual.  I could not do a better job last night  because my knee that is artificial will not let me bend to far.  So I sit on the floor and work on it.  was not up to that last night.  I threw a rug over it so he would leave it alone. Joe was holding Spunky back so I could get it the best I could. We think the house next door may be rented.  The wind wrecked the sign but we saw Time Warner Cable putting in something.  Then a fellow that has worked on the house took down the frame and what little was left of the sign and has not replaced it.  It will be interesting.


Paula said...

Hope you get good neighbors, Have a good Thursday and don't worry. I think you will come out okay on your test or they at least will find something to make you feel better.

jack69 said...

Nice neighbors would be good. They probably will be.
Sorry about the mess, but You have spoiled the Beagles stomach, cooking for him. LOL
It is always a problem cleaning up an upchuck, whether man or beast!

I hope the headaches never come back.
Love from COOL Florida! We are hitting the 30 mark, unusual for Florida two days in a row.

shirl72 said...

Hope your test come out OK, and
you get the mess cleaned up.
Problems, Problems it seems we are
never through with things we need
to do. I know you were sorry about
Spunky bless his little heart, my

We are having very cold weather unusually for the South. I think
the weather problem are all over.
Snow in the Mountains and up North
pitiful. I shouldn't complain
we are just cold.

Joe needs to keep his mouth zipped don't need that to add to things.
Stay warm.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh poor baby - we have had stomach problems here all week too! Hope he feels better. sandie


Poor Spunky getting sick like that. Hope your new neighbors will be nice. It is cold here too.

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