Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I feel like a new woman from my neck up

Finally got my hair cut. and that has  helped my frame if mind.  My little Gal that does my hair does really good on it.  She graduated with Gabby from beauty school. Gabby works north of town and prefers doing men’s hair cuts. I was especially happy with this one.  I finally after many smart alek remarks coming home, I said something and he bit my head off and we had words.  I told him this was not a walk in the park for me either and I didn’t need sarcasm when I didn’t deserve it. His attitude improved immediately. I go in Friday morning and have an endoscopy of the gastro area  .  They go down through the mouth and I will be out.  My blood reading had dropped a little but not enough for me to notice it, to much.  Joe took me to Shopko and  I got a little winded but not to where I could not maneuver. I picked up a cheap trac cell phone .  I could take pictures with it but not sure I would want to. A smart phone yes.  I simply do not want a phone that is smarter than me.  Of course it would not be a good idea.  I look at it this way, If I don’t get much use out of it, Joe needs a new one,  and he  can have that one. Joe thought that raccoon was cute to  kill him but we would be very happy to see it dead.  Our Beagle will limp the rest of his life and the raccoon was in our fenced yard.  The human society does have a trap and charges 35.00 a day.  I doubt they take it out in the country and release it.  They do some animals but as much as I am an animal lover, I want this thing dead.  So far it has not been aggressive toward  Joe except standing it’s ground.  It is not fully grown.  Joe does not get to close to it.  I wish my husband would not close his eyes when I snap his picture.


jack69 said...

Glad the hair is done, that always helps a lady. I don't know why, when I get mine done I don't feel better nor look different! LOL
$35 a day? Are they crazy? I thought the animal society was there to help folks not charge! For $35 a day in two days you could buy your own danged trap!
Imma thinking this world is crazy upside down.

Sheila Y said...

I understand your frustration with the raccoon only ours were armadillos. Thankfully, knock on wood, we haven't seen any here. Praying all goes well with your procedure on Friday. Spunky may need to give Joe a talking to when they are out on their walk...tell him to be nice to his Mama.:-) Take care, Sheila
PS. It is cold here brrrrrrr...and no snow... dang it.

shirl72 said...

Lucy Joe does not need to be making
smart remarks. Life is to short
to be ugly to you..He needs to think
before those words come out of his
mouth. He can't take them back.
Tell him to say the Wedding Vows
again. I may have to make a trip
out there to help him get a better


Glad you got your hair cut. Always puts a spring in your step to feel pretty.

Paula said...

Good luck with your test and may it come out with good results.

Jean said...

I had to have that same procedure done some years ago, but they didn't put me out, lol. I had a few stomach ulcers and after taking fourteen days of antibiotics I was doing well. I wish you good luck with yours.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I hate to always say I have had it done before - but I have had the endoscopy every year now for years. It is a piece of cake compared to the other end. I have something called Barrett's from all my reflux over the years and they watch it for me. Good luck with it. Hey once you are in twilight sleep it won't matter if hubs has eyes open or closed! lol sandie

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