Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not much happening yet

Not to much to tell yet.  They took a vial of blood and it will be sent out and should get the results today.  I had to make some slides and won’t go into detail but took them back and he thinks I may have a problem in the intestinal area with bleeding off and on.  He said my reading was 7 on the blood but it should be 13 and that was why I was very anemic.  He wants me to get in to the Dr. that did my colonoscopy.  He, Dr. Griffin won’t be available until Febr. and the nurse said she was going to have Dr. Gobbo call and see if he can pull a little more weight.  My family Dr. said he is sure the episode I had, plus the partial loss of vision I had the 2 times I have had it, and the one like Joe shook the heck out of me makes 4 warnings of a major stroke if we don’t get on top of it.  The A-fib is making it very difficult to get the blood down thin enough to help prevent a stroke.  Good news!!  Joe is taking me to the shop to get my hair washed and cut. I was going to try leaving it a little longer since it has grown so much but with all that is going on I may just get it short again.  I truly appreciate having my fellow bloggers to talk to.  Joe is just so weird, lately. I just don’t say much to him.  He said I don’t want to hear it because I don’t understand it.  If that were him telling me about a medical problem I would listen and then ask questions.  Oh well, I do know I scared him enough that he would call 911 if it became necessary.  He won’t tell me if he is not feeling well. Men can be such a pain in the rear, sometimes.  Oops, that excludes Jack of course.  Shirl  Spunky is still hanging in there.  I think he needs to stay home and not go up and down the ramp, which is my slanted pillow to get in the car.  He is limping a little more but I think he is using his back leg muscles more with the activity. He goes tomorrow for his rabies and Dr. Heebner will look at it.  I think a  rest would do it good.


jack69 said...

I hope the vial shows them something to help improve the pain.

I am reading this and think of the song Tex Ritter sang,"Puff puff puff that cigarette, smoke, smoke, smoke 'til you smoke yourself to death, tell St. Peter at the golden Gate You just hate to make him wait, BUT YOU JUST GOTTA GET THAT HAIR DONE!

But I do love you ladies and Sherry is so much sweeter after a visit to a beauty shop. I know Joe feels the same....

Love ya, and Git-r-done!!!

Jean said...

That is so sweet of Joe takes you to get your hair done. I know it will help you feel better it always makes me when I get mine done.
I hope the doctor's gets you well soon. I'm sure Joe is worried about you, men (most) are that way. Take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

The name of the game is to listen
when someone needs to talk. Look
how much money it saves by not ending up on the couch telling your problems to someone.

It it very important to have someone to listen. It keeps stress down. You do your part and now tell him to listen and be interested in your problems.

Glad Joe had a good Birthday.

Paula said...

I'm sure everyone here is like me and don't mind listening and really care about you and hope you get all better healthwise.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Fingers crossed that your doctor finds something simple that can be easily fixed.
Lucy, do you have an animal control or a Humane Society that can take care of that raccoon for you? Here they trap them, and relocate them to a wooded area. Can they do that where you are? Would hate for Joe to get bit. Would hate for the racoon to get hurt and suffer, too. Plus that would just make him mad and more aggressive. Time to find him a new place to hang out.


Hope they get to the bottom of this problem of yours asap. That was a nice birthday cake for Joe.

Chatty Crone said...

So is the bleeding from the stomach and the signs of stroke from the same thing or two different things? Are you checking both?

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