Monday, January 20, 2014

I go in this morning to the Doctor

No more episodes,  I have had this happen before once and lost partial vision 3 times.  I guess if Joe  had not been scared I would not have even thought much about it.  It takes a lot to scare him.  I felt good all day yesterday,  I knew Claudia was right, I should call him but the thought of spending a couple of days in the hospital especially on a weekend I didn’t think there was much they would do.  They did a lot the first time which has been long ago.  By long my guess would be nearly 2 years. The rest of the incidents have been closer together.  There is no pain involved except Joe’s hands on my arms shaking me. and me trying to talk  and not getting anything out.  I dread trying to explain  to the office girls what happened.  One thing I can do is still breathe,  I am not short of breath.  Ron and Kathy came in yesterday and she brought us some home made enchiladas which we will have tonight.  Would have had them yesterday but had chops that needed cooked.  We don’t get Pork Chops because they are so expensive.  These were in on a meat sale they have about once every 2 months.  Joe usually picks up thin ones but for once he got some thick ones.  Thin ones are different to cook.  Have to be so careful not to get them brittle.  At least that is how I feel.  We have not seen Joe’s least favorite animaL,  the coon. The raccoon was back.  Joe takes a flashlight every night and shines it all over and sure enough the darn thing was sitting on a tree stump in our yard.  The tree went down about 8 foot above the ground.  We decided to leave the stump that high because our wire fence was hooked on to it.  Joe said all you can see at night is his beady eyes.  He don’t run like he used to. He just stares at Joe.  Joe stuck him with his weapon which is a  old knife taped firmly to a long handle.  Joe said he poked him and he fell off behind the tree stump so Joe went around and poked him again and the thing   took off running, so he was not hurt that much.  It was a beautiful day yesterday.  Got up to 69 here.  Supposed to get to , I think a high of 40 today and some cooler weather


shirl72 said...

Good morning Lucy and glad you
had another good day. I hope
the Dr. can find the problem and
get you back on the road. You
have come to far to give up now.
That is a song. You will have to start singing it loud so the
elements that are trying to attack
you will give up and you can get
better. You can make it with your
strong will..Wishing you good health and good report today.

Claudia said...

Glad to hear you got a doctors appointment. They will run a few tests for you.

jack69 said...

Glad you are breathing much better. I hope more is learned at the Dr's office today.
Is Joe gonna skin the coon for supper? The Spunky one would like that for revenge.

Love and good luck at the appointment today.

Jean said...

I glad you got an appointment and can find out what was causing your problem. Maybe they want have to do many BAD test to find out. Take care and let us hear what you find out. Jean

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you made an appt, to go to the doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in the 60's was warmer than we were!



Glad you're going to see the doctor about what happened. It's a shame about the raccoon.

Paula said...

Be waiting to hear what the doctor said.

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