Sunday, January 19, 2014

I am still feeling good today so must be keeping the blood

Of course I just have been up a short while but I am not so used to feeling this good when I wake up.  I still have the aches and pains of arthritis but I can deal with that at the moment.  The bad hip still is letting me know it will stick around,  Just to breathe is great.  I  scared Joe out of his wits last night.  I don’t know for sure what is going on but it happened once before.  I have to go with what he says on part of it, but I was in my chair watching a rerun and Joe said he told me he was going to shave.  I don’t remember that but I may have just not been paying attention.  He said he shut his razor off and put his after shave on and he heard me moaning and groaning.  He asked what was wrong and I didn’t answer.  So he raised his voice and asked me again.  and then he started shaking me and by that time  I heard him but could not get words out.  He said I am going to call 911 and I know I got agitated and tried to say no but shook my head no.  He kept yelling at me and I kept trying to respond.  I remember him saying we will have to leave Spunky alone if an ambulance takes you in and I got real agitated then and tried to say no.  All of a sudden I was answering him just as plain as day and completely aware of what was going on.  He was pale he was so scared.  He said what do I do if that  happens again.  I told him I thought I had been asleep.  I am not that hard to wake up. I think what happened is that a small clot lodged for a short time and then passed through.  I will tell Dr. Gobbo about it and add my asprin back I am supposed to take.  Get my blood a little thinner.  I just want my body to behave.  Shirl I am glad you came to my defense with Joe being a crab.  Jack  thought I didn’t have an ally.  No one to come to my defense and then you stepped up. I won’t even complain if you and Sheila dance for snow.  You to Sandie.


shirl72 said...

I will stay on your side, you are
doing good to carry on and do the
things that keeps household going.

That is strange what happened last
night. Maybe you better start
taking the aspirin to thin your blood.

Shelia and I promise when we dance
for snow it is only be for our area. Thanks for giving us the OK sign. We both bought new dancing
shoes hoping that will help. We
may need to take dancing lessons.
hee hee

Claudia said...

Lucy, that sounds like it could possibly be a TIA, or mimi stroke.
Here is a link that describes it.

You are right in calling your doctor, in fact it would be best to do it soon. A major stroke could be brewing.

I am sorry if this sounds scary, but it is a serious thing to happen.

Paula said...

Glad you are feeling better. Guess you needed that blood. It is scary what happened to you so hope you do tell the doctor as soon as you can. Take care and have a nice Sunday.

jack69 said...

Boy are youeasy! NO ALLIES? Huh that is me 'n Joe not you! LOL

That is a strange thing that you described, I know Joe was scared. Glad you are breathing better, that is a good sign.
Take care.
Love from Sherry & Jack

Jean said...

Glad you are feeling better this morning, and I agree that was a scary thing that happen to you. Maybe it wasn't anything serious best to make sure. Take care. Jean


I agree it sounds like a TIA or stroke. You need to tell your doctor asap.

Chatty Crone said...


No kidding - that was probably a TIA unless you are diabetic!

I do support you - but I live with a Curmudgeon myself. What can you do?

Get to the doctor!


Anonymous said...

I think I'd get that checked out.

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