Saturday, January 18, 2014

Talk about being quick!!!!!

I got a call yesterday about 8:45 from Gobbos  office yesterday about 8:45 and she wanted me to get up there as soon as possible because I was going to have to have a blood transfusion and it took a while.  The rest of the tests came out good but I was anemic and needed a transfusion right away.  Paula you know bohemians and so you can imagine the reaction I got out of Joe who had not had his first cup of coffee, finished.  I was facing a bear!!!  I thought I would just get myself ready to go which actually I had my shower and was dressed in  a sweat outfit but my hair was still wet.  So I  I tried to glue it down, all the while listening to Joe rant. but he was moving at least, so Spunky took his first ride before he or Joe had breakfast.  They gave me 2 units of blood and it took 4 and a half hours. plus the time it took to get it prepared.  So I called Joe before they got me  hooked up and I TOLD HIM IT WOULD BE 4 TO 5 HOURS before I would be coming home, or calling him so go ahead and take Spunky for his rabies and get some cosequine for his joints.  He  was limping a little more than usual but he was up and down ramp to the back seat several times and I figured he would favor that leg a little more cause he has not had that type of activity on a daily bases.  He has not hurt anything but he is like we humans, we exercise more than usual it makes me feel aches I never knew I had. He thinks he is human so I am glad he can’t read.  At any rate my blood  count was down.  I am not short winded at all but they have to figure out why it dropped so much in a month or 2. I go in to Gobbo  Monday and get my blood tested again and if it had dropped have to go see a gastro-specialist, to try to figure out where I am losing blood..  I don’t think it will have dropped.  Joe raved and ranted all the way out there  about how he might just tell those people not to expect us to drop everything and rush out there. I left the car and got in the building very quick.  It is amazing how  I am not short winded.  Gotta go, grump is up.


shirl72 said...

Tell Grump to zip it. Having low
blood pressure maybe one of the reasons you have been having trouble. Hope you gain your strength and get back on the road to good health. I know it must be awful to feel bad all the time.

Lucy I think you have done well to
carry on with all the health problems you have. Hope they are helping and you will get better.

Beth Niquette said...

I agree with Shirl, tell Mr. Grump to take a hike. Please please take care of yourself. I feel worried about you. ((hugs)) My heart and prayers are with you, dear lady. Blessings, joy, health and love to you, my sweet Friend.

jack69 said...

Now, there youare got Sis Shirl running my man Joe down. We all know he is a saint, you just ain't looking in the right place! (smile)

Good the tests showed something that helped. Hope you continue to get your strength back.

Love ya!
Sherry & jack

Chatty Crone said...

I just want to say I am GLAD however you got to the doctor and got your blood. Make sure you go back and have it checked out - you might have an ulcer or something. Enjoy the moment.... sandie

Paula said...

Hope the blood will make you feel much better and hope you aren't losing blood any longer. Yes I know where you're coming from.

Jean said...

Good evening Lucy, I'm so glad you got your blood and I'm hoping it will continue to help you feel much better. I think here if they give you blood they want you to over night you were lucky to get in and out. Take care, and tell Joe to be good. Lol. Jean


I am glad you got the transfusion. And hope things are on the mend.

babYpose said...

Hi Lucy, glad got to know about you is good, hope is getting better, take care.

DD said...

Lucy, I was reading that you are not as well as you should be, so I am reviewing some of your entries. I hope you are feeling lots better by now.

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