Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Better news than I thought

I truly am so pleased with Dr.  Merliss.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  He is older, not as old as me but one look and I had confidence, in him.  Maybe it was the white wavy hair.  They did an EKG and my heart was still in a-fib. so when he came in he said Dr Hibbard had asked him to see if  he may be able to help with.  I promptly said, Hibbard scares me.  Merliss said  he is a really nice person and  is a very competent Doctor.   I told him I had already made up my mind that he knew what was he was doing but that he scared me.  He asked me what my biggest thing was that was bothering me with my heart and I said the fear of a full blown stroke.  He said very firmly, he wanted me to get that out of my head.  He said the Pradaxa blood thinner will stop that from happening and he said he was going to give me a plan that would keep the blood thinner doing it’s job.  He also said he was going to slow my heart rate down with meds but it can not be put back in rhythm.  He said the hardest thing was to get it and keep it from being to slow.    He said that if that becomes a problem that is hard to solve, is regulating the right  dosage of the med to slow the heart down.  I was on one tablet already they started me on when the a-fib was back and he is going to increase that.  He said if it slows it down to much they will put in a pace maker  which for a lady in her 80’s is far better than sealing off the portion of the heart.  He said but lets see how we do with the meds.  He wants to see me back in a month.  He also said those weird happenings where Joe kept trying to get me out of what ever I was in, he felt was  not a TIA and he  scolded me for thinking I was going to have a full blown stroke.  He said to worry about it I must have seen people with many bad  things and still living.  I told him I spent about 2 years sitting in a nursing home, off and on with 2 of my sisters and saw some pathetic victims, and I said  the aids and nurses seldom took time to  even wipe the drool off and put a clean bib on for them.    He said then that I would not be one of those as long as I took the pradaxa.  He thinks the migraines  returning after so many years is because of the rapid heart beat.  He asked me if I was comfortable with my heart rate now and I said no.  He said good, that will be what we work on because he was not happy with it either.  In other words he is going to do everything he can to bring it down to a more comfortable level. And if it drops to low he will put a pacemaker in.  I have all the confidence in the world in Dr.  Merliss and I know Dr. Hibbard is a good doctor but he has a horrible bedside manner.  All of my kids called me except Ron and he had to go to a meeting at the fire department .  I will talk to him later today.  It is a relief  to have one doctor I like, and know the other obnoxious one is right in his knowledge.  This is not going to fit if don’t post it. When I said all of my kids I didn’t  include Marty.  Maybe we can make peace eventually.


shirl72 said...

It sounds like the Dr. has a plan.
If you follow his directions I
knows things will settle down.
As you know worry can make things
more stressful. We all have a tendency to think about things that
may happen and that is normal.

Glad you heard from your Children.
Marty will have his regrets.

Claudia said...

Great news Lucy. With the lower heart rate you should start to feel better.

Pacemakers are easy to put in, just under the skin.

Chatty Crone said...

I think it is wonderful - better news then you could ever expect - right? I think this doctor is just what you needed - you know a lot of medicine is how we think about and trust our doctor. You just didn't get a long with the last one. I think this is good news. As long as you take your medicine. I am happy - are you?

jack69 said...

ThaT IS A GOOD report. Glad to hear it. And YES, 100% it is good to like and respect the Dr. YOu talk to. It makes a visit much better. It all sounds good. Hang in there....
Spring is coming and you will feel better in more ways than one..

Love from Florida...


Glad to hear the doctor has a plan. You are in good hands, indeed.

Beth Niquette said...

He sounds like a good doctor. Some of the good ones don't have great bedside manners. I've had some good experiences and bad ones with doctors who scared me. ((hugs)) I'm praying all will be well, sweet lady.

Paula said...

So glad your health is on the right track.

PCHPatti said...

Hi Lucy!
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