Thursday, February 27, 2014

Seems strange to be Home for a while

But very good.  I am still off  my arthritis meds and that is  a little more difficult as far as joints.  But what the heck, I can live with that.  Now, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of the support.  Putting up with all of my complaining. Now I will feel more like reading blogs.  Before I was stuck in my own little world with one big problem.  Now I feel very confident I have the new doctor and the grump and hope I get the new doctor more than grump. One thing, I am  going to say that I need to break, is COMPLAINING.  I am alive and hopeful I will remain that way, for a while.  That is a big thing so I better enjoy it.  Joe so generously points out I could step off a curb and get killed.  I better make sure he is not behind me.  He has been great through this all.  Hauling me back and forth, getting lost in the hospital, getting a notice on the car he can’t park there, and will be ticketed if he does again.  It has been quite a ride.  It isn’t over but at least I am getting results.  I got one of my meds that I had to go from 5 mg. to 10 and take once a day and it was 40.00. That is cheap when it comes to comparing it to multaq, which I don’t take any more. The sun is out and it looks warm but looks are deceiving.  It was supposed to get down to 3 above last night.  No wind  and sunshine makes for people going out  in  this weather with a light jacket and freezing.  Joe just informed me that our thermometer reads 12.  He called weather just now and it is supposed to get to a high of 17.  Beautiful weather!!!  I heard it was balmy in Fla.  What is it like in North Carolina?  Best get ready to go get breakfast.


jack69 said...

Good read. Glad you have a better outlook now after seeing the last Dr.
Hope it warms up out there in the Flat country.
Take care and stay warm for a few more weeks, then the flowers will bloom!!!


Glad you are feeling better and have a new outlook.

Jean said...

Glad you're feeling better, and hope it gets warmer up your way soon. We couldn't take your kind of weather down here, we think we're freezing when it's in the 40's. Lol.

shirl72 said...

I am so glad to hear this good news.
Now we can get to enjoying a good
life. I see where Jack is glad
you are feeling better.

Our weather is cool in the morning
and 60 in the afternoon and it is

Paula said...

Glad Joe didn't get a parking ticket.

Chatty Crone said...

Good health sure does make one feel great doesn't it. Like there is a new lease on life. And you got it girl. And I am so happy!!!

Sheila Y said...

Glad the doctors were able to do something and put your mind at ease. Bonus that your new meds are cheaper. We are nice in NC, but there's some chilly nights in the forecast. Hope you have a nice weekend, Sheila

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