Monday, February 10, 2014

I just peeked out and no snow!!!!!

I have been sleeping in a little later, but I got up to give Joe a chance to get some sleep.  Joe said I talk in my sleep, very clear.  Hopefully I don’t say the wrong thing. I know I am restless.  I can remember some of the crazy things I think I do.  Don’t know when that started but Joe said fairly recent.  We watched the Beatles tribute from the Grammys.  It was good.  Had some singers that Joe and I actually knew from watching the Grand ole Opry.  The 2  Beatles, Paul and Ringo did a great job of performing.  A lot of older performers as well as the Beatles and had to be in their 70’s.  I have not seen that much energy for a long time.. Something different from NCIS and all of the crime shows.  We had potato soup last night.  It is so easy. 5 hrs in the crockpot on medium and it is done.  I fixed meat loaf and scalloped potatoes night before last.  I am totally winded when I cook from scratch.  We eat and I collapse in my chair for the night.  Joe washes dishes.  I came up with a blue tinge on my white sweat shirt again.  One time it was a very light pink.  Joe does the laundry.  I try not to complain.  I just pick a time when he isn’t around and put them in a small load with a little Clorox in it and it works. I heard on the news yesterday that you southerners are going to get ice, then snow, then more freezing rain, especially in Atlanta.  I heard North Carolina mentioned as a winter storm watch.  Sandie  where it normally says “comments” on your blog it was not there. 2 times before I finally could find it and I left and came back each time. Must go and will let you know when I come home how I come out.  The Migraines and the A-fib are connected.  A 34 year old woman went to 3 different hospitals trying to find out why she  was having migraines.  She suffered a stroke before any of the hospitals  were able to diagnose her. Her doctors sent her to those hospitals.  Luckily it was not a stroke that she could never get better from.



jack69 said...

Ahh the Beatles. I remember them being the long haired hippies. looking back at their pictures, their hair was not even long. LOL
Hope the Dr. finds something positive that can be FIXED.

I hope this is the last COLD SNAP!

The meal sounds sounds perfect for the weather...

Paula said...

Your new header picture is so cute. I have had that to happen too on some blogs. Can't find a place to comment then go back another time and there is a place to comment. Be anxious to hear what they figure out on your health problems.

shirl72 said...

I lost my comment will try again.

I also watch the Beatles and enjoyed
the show. Today's young groups
should learn from them they don't
have to scream to be famous.

Hope the Dr's can soon find something to help you. Glad
Joe is helping.

You heard right about NC we are
getting some snow tomorrow. I
guess I better call Sheila and tell her to start dancing. We do love to see it but it never stays long. Will let you know how
much we get. Stay warm.......

Jean said...

Hi Lucy, Sheila called this morning to tell me they were getting some snow she sent two pictures. I haven't heard back from her, not sure it snowed enough to make a snowball. Lol.
That is one cute little man in that basket. I didn't think to watch the Beatles last night I need to kick myself. Take care. Jean


Gosh darn it I missed that Beatle's show. Sounded good. Glad you didn't get any more snow.

Chatty Crone said...

I am not sure why my comment wasn't there but thanks for telling me.

My daughter has migraines - do they all mean stroke?

And your meals sound so good to me.

I did not see the Beatles special but I wanted too.


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