Friday, February 7, 2014

OK, How many of you southerners have never seen a snow fence?????

A snow fence is a fence to put up, I think mostly on farms and ranches where the heaviest snow drifts.  They put the fences up  where it gets a lot of snow blown or settling in areas where the snow is blown and drifts  deep.  I never  understood the placing of them.  They are ugly fencing.  Heavy duty strips of wood held together with heavy duty wire and I remember them as being an ugly dark red.  They left spaces in between slats.  The fence my grandson was talking about, we think is just like a wire fence with big squares where we fenced off  an area so our dogs couldn’t get close top my alcoholic neighbors side because when their mom was alive and she was drunk, she would throw  stuff at them.  I finally stepped out the back door and he was right.  There was hardly any snow in that area.

Now for the news that scares me and I want to know and yet don’t.  I have an appointment with the cardiologist next Tues. at 9:15. to go over my tests and see if he can try to put my heart back in rhythm. Or tell me  he doesn’t feel it would be successful or what.  I know my age is against me in so many ways and I am sure he has found a deterioration, to a certain extent of the heart.  I have lived a long life already at 83 but I am damned if I am ready to die.  I won’t go down gracefully if that is what is nearer than I thought.  Joe keeps telling me, “think positive”.  You really got it in Pa. didn’t you with heavy wet snow and ice, didn’t you Claudia?


Claudia said...

We had heavy, wet snow but only about 4 inches of it and just a little ice. Very few power outages in the Western part. Most of the damage was East in Philadelphia area.

jack69 said...

WE down south do use that fence. Believe it or not, down here it is used a lot on beaches to block the blowing sand and does slow down the 'wind erosion'.
But Snow fence? Yeah we saw some in a few of those NORTH states. The design is changing for the BIG ones along the highway, but we see them except there is NO SNOW! (smile)

Of course you are not ready to check out yet, and me 'n joe ain't

hang in there

Paula said...

I had never heard of a snow fence. We have a lot of board fences called privacy fences. I have faith they will be able to help you. You have too good a mind to check out yet, plus we here in blog land care about you and some of us aren't so young either so you give us hope.

shirl72 said...

Lucy you are not going anywhere.
We have to much blogging to do.
Spunky & Joe cannot do without you.

Your work on earth is not through.
Joe is right think positive.

DD said...

Hi Lucy,
This Southerner has never heard of a snow fence. We have fences of all sorts, wire and wood, but no snow fences. That is a new one on me.
Spunky looks so comfortable in his space...his back yard, in your header picture.
Yes, you just plan on getting back to your old normal self right away. You are not old yet!
Take Care,

DD said...

Lucy, you taught me something again. I went to google about the snow fence...found the ugly red ones you were talking about. Show fence is a new one on me. Cool.


My neighbor has one of those fences in place. So I know what you're talking about. I hope the doctor has good news for you.

Sheila Y said...

Southerners have lots of different fences but I guess a snow fence just isn't necessary. Me and Shirl have to get our shoes back out, we have another chance of snow Tues/Wed. Take care and try not to worry, I think the doctor will be able to get you fixed right up. Stay warm, Sheila

Chatty Crone said...

We use that fence type to prevent erosion. I want you to be okay too - I think you have to pray and take one day at a time - I hope the doctor has some great news for you and can get your heart regulated again. I am going to believe!

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