Saturday, February 8, 2014

We have had flurries but not enough to show up

I may be sorry but I just signed up for Google Storage or backup, which ever it is called.  I may be sorry but I will try it.1557327_10202494029626094_1457977975_o  This is grandson and great grandson, Nathan, grandson and Christopher, great grandson.  It was so cold they didn’t stay out long.  That little monkey was not ready to go and mom and dad were freezing.  We are supposed to get flurries through Sunday.  The kids, his mom and dad are trying to get  a solution for his eating and speech problems.  They talked to their Dr. about what you had mentioned Sandie with the eating thing and she said that was not his problem.  He is one loved little boy by all of us, regardless, but we wish he could grow up to be a normal child, for his sake.  He has such a hard time getting his message across.  Tues. can not  get here soon enough but for the first time I am not sure I want to hear what he says.  I am having migraines every day and have to be careful what I take because my blood is thin.  Those are new for me this time around.  I had migraines years ago but they stopped, when I got beyond my child bearing years.  Joe is up and so I better go.  See if I can  get rid of my sore shoulder and neck.  Back to the heating pad.  I want to visit blogs today but have to see how the heating pad works. That picture is Spunky trying to find a place to do his duty.  Joe says he now goes to the privacy fence where the snow didn’t pile up much and walks all the way down to a tree that we had to cut down, but left a stump, tall enough to still act as a place to hook our chain link fence to it. There by the tree is Spunky’s bathroom.  If the raccoon comes back it will perch up there.


DD said...

Hi Lucy,
I can understand little Christopher not wanting to come in out of the snow. He is having too much fun!
I hope you are feeling better today and get a good report soon. As Joe said, think positive.

jack69 said...

Yeah I like the kid outside. for some reason the kids don't feel it when they are having fun. Like the header of the Spunky one too.

Hope they find the source of the migraines, that is terrible.

Hang in there, things will be better soon, and SPRING will come. honest!

Paula said...

I hope they get you over the headaches. My mama and brother both had them and I know it's no fun.


Headaches can make you miserable. Hope you find a way to get rid of them soon.

shirl72 said...

Children always enjoy the snow.
We are suppose get a dusting of Snow Tuesday and it was 60 today.

It is time for you to start feeling
better. Headaches are not good.
Glad Spunky is getting better.
Try to stay warm.


Chatty Crone said...

He is a cutie pie for sure. And was the doctor a developmental pediatrician or a family doctor - I would just bet that he has oral issues. Stay warm - can you believe we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. sandie

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