Sunday, February 16, 2014

One More Day, Long day

Woke up t 3:30 and finally got up at 5:00.  I could not get back to sleep.  Joe gets mad if I get up at anytime before 5.  It has been one of those mornings where whatever I say gets twisted.  I face him with it and it is “Oh, what did I say wrong.”  My pat answer is “forget it”.  The life of the Horky’s!!!!  We are going to take a dry run out on 70th. to find that Dr’s office.  I have to be there by 9:30. in the morning and  that area has built up with buildings almost on top of buildings.  We older people that has no reason to go running off all over Lincoln miss out.  I like missing out.  Why fight traffic if you don’t have to.  Nothing new.Shirl you probably have figured out that I didn’t get your e-mail.  I sent one to you this morning so maybe you can reply.  Good thing I don’t e-mail like I used to.  I just limp along with it cause it never changes.  Every one else loves it.  Will keep this short and try to write more tomorrow.


shirl72 said...

I hope you have good news..will
be waiting to hear about your visit. That is a good idea to take a dry run to see where you are going.

Charlotte is the same way, new
buildings, new roads and lots more
people than when I lived there. I
was there 54 years. When I first
moved there it was wonderful but
has grown.

I e-mailed you and hope you get
it this time. I love to e-mail
that is how Jack and I communicate.
It is good since he can't hear. Try to stay warm...


Hope you find the doctor. I'm a night owl so I understand being up early and not going back to sleep.

Paula said...

Be waiting to hear your report and hope it is all good. Like your cute monkeys.

Jean said...

I have checked out places on the computer to see where we would be going, back when we were having to go to Dothan. Opp isn't a big place. I would do like you if it was. Just a little for a way to go to Dothan. Take care and hope you get good news.

Chatty Crone said...

You wake up early right - you are not a night owl. Maybe I have my definition wrong.

I hope you find the doctor's office.


jack69 said...

There is no way Joe ain't sweet, a prince. Well maybe a little at times, but over all.... Okay forget it,have it your way. LOL

I am with you on knowing where I am going, we like to do that also. I hate surprised in traffic!!!

Love from down Florida way..

Try to be good! shucks I know it's hard BUT TRY! (BIG SMILE)

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