Saturday, February 15, 2014

My great grandson turned 1 year of age.. Seems like he could not be old enough to be a year.

We won’t be going.  Between Mikes family and all the way to Fremont .    I am just not up to it..  Joe picked up a cute card for him.  I don’t mind saying, he is handy to Have around.  My method is very different than his but I don’t care he gets the job.  I get right up from the table and start putting dishes in hot soapy water.  I put the food away and he goes and sits for an hour and then says “ I am going to do the dishes”, an hour later he still is going to do the dishes. He eventually does.  I have to shut him out even if he isn’t there.  I hate waiting to see if h is going to do them  Dr. told me not to do any more vacuming.  I think I would be fine but then I go on  to do other things  Must go







HOPE you had a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, Lucy. Happy Birthday to your great grandson. It takes a long time to do dishes here too.

babYpose said...

Happy biryhday to your great grandson, at least hr does the dishes after saying he's going :) happy valentine's day dear Lucy ♡

shirl72 said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandson.
Happy Valentine a day late.

Glad Joe is helping I guess the old saying is right. Better late than never.

Hope you start feeling better.
Maybe when Spring arrives it will
help you by being warm. We have
had the snow. It was beautiful but
melting now and 40 degrees and
60 tomorrow and Sun is out.

Take care tell my friend Spunky
hello and tell Joe I am glad he
is helping my friend. Try to stay
warm. I sent you an e-mail.

Jean said...

Lucy I hope you get to feeling stronger soon and a happy Birthday wish to your little grandson. My DIL posted some picture's of our little Sierra on face this morning looks like she will be walking before long. She's 8 months now. I wish we could see her more, but since they live 14 hours away it's a long way to drive. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

Glad Joe does the dishes when he gets to them. The few times Johns has done them they weren't clean and I had to go do them over so I just do them to start with. I know you want to and can't. Your great grand son is so cute and I wish him a happy birthday.

jack69 said...

Funny story about the vacuuming. The Dr. told my sister Kat, when she was expecting the third child (which died young) not to vacuum. She NEVER vacuumed again all her life. Saying the Dr. said not to.

Glad you and joe can work together. I understand your attitude. If I am washing dishes I want to do them just as fast as they can be done after the meal.

Love from Florida

Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday to your great grandson. My daughter's birthday is today. Happy belated Valentine's too. I am glad Joe is helping and you are listening to the doctor! Sandie

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