Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines day everyone

Going to try to write a short one.  My family doctor agreed with me, as long as I had thought  things through.  So now my options are to see the surgeon for the heart on the 25th.  Go for it if possible and if not try to live, with the help of the doctors without a massive stroke.  Dr. Gobbo said he agrees with all that the cardiologist said, that if by chance it went back in it would not stay.  He also agreed that if the surgeon will do the surgery that is the way to go and take my chances.  CBC blood draw is slowly creeping up so I am not as anemic as I was and in that department, that is the only one responding to treatment.  No more about me.  I got to some blogs yesterday and will try to finish today.  Thank goodness for the pill that slows my heart down.  I can navigate a little longer.  Joe and Spunky were so glad to see me back when I got done.  Especially Spunky.  I know Joe is trying to act like he is not tired of being my taxi, but he is.  I am tired of it so I know he is.  He is going to try to build some steps for Spunky and I will get my couch cushions back!!  I hope it works.  My cushions will need a little cleaning.  Your Chauncy was not spoiled either was he Shirl????  We love our dogs and that is ok.



Glad you have a solution for your heart. Worried about you, Lucy. YES we definitely spoil our pets. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.

jack69 said...

Shirl's dog was spoiled rotten! You girls do that. LOOL
Happy Valentine's day to you! Hope you are cozy warm!

Hoping always for the best for you and the health angles....

Hug my buddy Joe. Love to you!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Valentine's Day. I am glad you got a second opinion - I want the heart doctor to say it too! sandie

Paula said...

Hope the steps turn out good for Spunky so you can get your cushions back. Glad the doctors are paying attention to your health.

DD said...

Hello Dear Lucy, I know Spunky is the King around there and I don't blame you. I need a puppy really bad, I just won't allow myself...haa.
I am glad your doctors are doing what they can to take good care of you. I will be glad when you get a lot better.
The Sweetie in your header is a big doll.
Love DD
PS: My man got off on his fishing trip this morning, south of Orlando. He will have a good time.

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