Thursday, February 13, 2014

Going to Gobbo today

I am going to family doctor today, Dr. Fallick the 17th and Dr. Merliss the 25th.  Joe is tired taking me and I am tired of going but we both feel it is a necessity.  I dread going to Fallick because he has been told to track the bleeding that caused my anemia and He is a surgeon and I have one very vulnerable area that I really don’t want anyone to look at but I don’t have much choice.  The cardiologist has said there will be no more wait and see if the blood count comes up to normal because I need all of the  oxygen it will carry to my heart, and brain.  Coventry, my insurance, will pay but not nearly as much as  a younger employed  person could get.  I have a very different attitude this time. I WANT FIXED and they can collect any time I have an extra few dollars. I may be old but that doesn’t mean curl up and die.  Enough of that nonsense.  I put a pot of bean soup on in the crockpot.  We will take Spunky with us today because this usually doesn’t take very long.  Joe will drop me off and then find a place to park and I will go alone or have an escort walk with me up to Gobbo’s office.  The pills the cardiologist gave me to slow my heart down help a quite a bit. Spunky will enjoy the ride. They had the Grammy’s honoring the Beatles, on again last night.  A rerun but found it as enjoyable as the first time.  There is just Paul McCartney and Ringo Star left, but those Brit’s can put on a good show.  To all you southerners, I hope the storms move out except for Sheila’s place.  The rest of you be very careful.  Keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes we will not get a big snow, and I know we need the moisture but I will take it in a nice rain.Going to go for now.


DD said...

Dear Lucy,
The "spunk" Paula mentioned is back, strong and clear! You want fixed and we want you fixed!

We have snow! It started last night and I could hardly go to bed for look out the window...haa. There is something inside me that wants to go out and build a big snowman...haa.

shirl72 said...

Hope your Dr's app. turns out OK
I'm glad you are taking Spunky he
will enjoy the ride. My Chancy
loved to ride in the car. I would
drive her up and down the driveway
so she could have a ride.

We are getting more that a dusting
of snow and it is beautiful. I am warm and plenty food. I just went
out to take some pictures and my
neighbor came to her back door
and said "Take My Picture" that
was funny. Well stay warm and let
me hear about your appointment.

jack69 said...

Joe just scheduled the Dr. appts so Spunky would get a ride.

Hope all goes well and they find something that is fixable and easy.

Be careful. Love from down here in Florida


Good luck at the doctor's today. I hope you do not get snow.

Jean said...

I hope you get good news from your doctor today. Lucy maybe there will be someone around to help you get in and out. You probably been and back by now. I started to say when you get there give them a call and ask for someone to help you, it works here not sure about there. Yes Sheila can brag about her pretty snow now. Ha. I'm so glad for them since they, like me don't see much snow. Take care, Jean

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Lucy you are right - you need to tell the doctor just what you told us here. I am proud of you.

Do let us know.

Love, sandie

Paula said...

Pulling for you in all your appointments. Good Spunky gets to get out of the house at the same time.

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