Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I will try to be a little more cheerful today

What ever happens, happens.  One thing that really bothers me  is that Joe just doesn’t want to accept the fact that this problem will not just go away.  He doesn’t want to admit it.  If he does, then it is to real for him.  Enough about me.  For the last several really cold days Spunky goes out and does his duty and high tails it to the house.  Also while it was so cold Joe would put off cleaning it up.  Last night Joe decided to really get all of Spunky’s neat little piles. Joe came in and said “I cleaned up the potty messes and turned around and he was making another.”  He pulls that on Joe pretty often.  Joe just got up so I will be  getting off the blog. soon.  I am going to say this, not to scare anyone but A-Fib is very common in older people.  Some symptoms are so mild people don’t know, and can live that way for years until the heart decides to really beat rapidly.  I didn’t realize how many but you sit in that room where you come in to the waiting room and it is usually full and more than half are there to see how the A-fib is doing.  It is dreary and chilly here again today.  Joe and I both just froze yesterday when we stepped out of the car. Tootsie pretzels or knowing when it is really cold?  I think the later in our case.


Paula said...

Just stopping in today to see how you are and what's going on. Glad you're feeling more cheerful. John is like Joe he doesn't even take my problems seriously. Glad Joe does help out so much though. I just got through cleaning up after Susie and John would never take his turn with that and he is the one who told me to feed those kittens that were left here.

jack69 said...

I am still glad you are here, even if you have to stay in to keep warm.

And Spunky would not do that after it was all cleaned up, y'all telling something out of school!!!! LOL

Love from a rainy day in Florida!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Kind of hard cleaning up things when the snow is out there and Spunky probably knows that - teehee.

We are all shut down here with ice - have no idea when we will be out.



I know what you mean about accepting things making it too real. Some people have great difficulty doing it.

DD said...

Dear Lucy, Joe loves you so much. Of course, you already know that. I am praying that if you need something fixed, the doctor can and will do it, successfully. Love, DD

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