Monday, February 3, 2014

supposed to get big snow starting tonight about midnight and all day tomorrow and into WED.

I just don’t want it to interfere with whatever reports or treatment I get.  Our old car is hanging in there and actually sounds better.  It is  a Ford Taurus and we have had some very good use out of it.  with very little trouble.  I have got a very painful neck and shoulder.  Got the good old heating pad. I think we need a new mattress.  Our looks good but looks are deceiving.  If Hibbard says I will just have to live  with the a-fib I will change to Joes Dr. or someone out there.  I know they do that surgery.  To us, it is a long way but it didn’t seem like it when they moved out there from BRYAN where my DR.IS NOW.  I must get off.  To awkward with the heating pad.


jack69 said...

My girl lives with a heating pad. LOL
I too hope all is well with Dr's tests and advice.
The Taurus? She will run forever. One of the best cars built and I am a Chevy man.
I hope the snow forgets to fall!

Love from Florida

Paula said...

Love them Fords! So sorry you aren't feeling well today. Hope that heating pad helps.

DD said...

Dear Lucy,
You are like that ole Taurus...just keep on running, girl!
Seriously, I am praying the doc will help you and very soon.
Love and hugs,

Jean said...

I hope you get a good report, when I broke my hip they told me that a ice pack was better to use then heat, so I bought one to use that I keep in the freezer, but I still prefer heat. I hope you don't get to much snow. Take care, Jean

shirl72 said...

Sheila and I are NOT dancing so
you better not get any snow.

Hope you can soon start feeling
better. Hope the car stay as long
as you need transportation. Stay


Hope you feel better soon, Lucy. A heating pad is always good for what ails you.

Chatty Crone said...

Haha - We have not had good luck with Fords at all. And I hope you are finding out something from your doctor.

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