Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Little bit of good news

Must share this first.  Family doctor called and said my hemoglobin had held for 3 weeks at 8.2.  Not perfect but much better than before but pretty good.  I believe the nurse said normal was thirteen.  Stay on the iron, which does a number on my stomach but it is a matter of getting the blood count to stay up. I will go in on the 13 and have a blood draw then.  They showed  that little tiny camera on TV that I can swallow and yes Jack, retrieve it, just remembered will have to have Joe get some rubber or. vinyl gloves.  Hope no one is eating as they read this but it is better than a colonoscopy.  If the blood count stays up as good as it is now I may not need it.  It is supposed to snow from 2 to 7 inches of snow by Thurs.  I am still waiting on a call from the cardiologist.  It should be yet this week.  Can’t wait on good weather because a new storm is to move in over the weekend.    I think hat I have been battling with the heating pad may be a type of virus.  It is not gone but has moved around to my lower back and twinges along my shoulder blades.   I am just about cooked on the heating pad.  Yes Jean, they had me use ice on my knee after the replacement and I used it in the nursing home.  Ice is cold and  I thought that maybe with these pains being more on muscles it might be better, to use heat.  I have to be honest and admit I like the heat.  Ice worked good on my knee. but that had thick bandage on it.  I expect Joe will be getting up soon. I best get off of here and read blogs.



Not sure I could swallow a teeny tiny camera. Good luck to you if you have to do that. Just hope you're feeling better soon.

DD said...

Hi Lucy,
So glad you have some good news coming in from the doctor. Still hoping other things go well.
PS: The snow sounds exciting...I bet, but not to you! Ha

Chatty Crone said...

My doctor didn't tell me about ice on my knee - my knee felt hot for months afterwards!
Keep up the good work - be careful about iron and the stomach.
It is a vicious cycle.


jack69 said...

Good report. Glad to hear the good news. We handle what ever life deals us if we want to stay in the battle. You are doing very well, so keep up the fight. Hey tie a string to that little camera!!! (OH!)

Love ya!

Paula said...

You do great with your problems so keep on keepin' on.

shirl72 said...

Glad your blood is up and will
stay. I think I have heard about
the camera and hope it works.

Hope things start getting better
I think you have been through

I did tell you that Sheila are not dancing. We not responsible for
the snow this time. Stay Warm.

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