Sunday, March 30, 2014

All is peaceful, they are asleep

Live writer is giving me a little trouble.  Will see if this will post on my blog.  It is supposed to get in the lower 70’s today.  Joe went out and broke up my ornamental grass he cut down and broke them up and put them in our dry dog food bags so they don’t poke holes in our garbage bag that he takes to the curb, for pick up.  He kept fairly busy yesterday and just seemed like the old Joe with out memory lapses, except normal ones.  Just think he needs to keep busy doing normal things.  Our lives are not normal in a way.  Seems we got old real fast.  He plans on cleaning out my flower??? bed and digging the ornamental bulbs.  He did a lot of bending and I bet he is going to be stiff.  Then he got upset when he was looking out the front door yesterday.  The drunk next door has a brother who is as big a drunk lives across the alley from us and runs our garbage route.  We have restrictions our garbage route owner has for leaves and lawn clippings.  Everything we put out there that has trash or garbage of any kind in it has to meet their requirements.  Chip, the drunk neighbor’s brother had raked all of the yard waste into the driveway and there were very dead tree limbs, pretty good sized. and a huge plastic bag.  Joe said you wait and see , Chip will come by in the garbage truck and pick tree limbs and all and feed it into the crusher probably tomorrow.    Our limbs have to be cut to a certain size.  Normally he wouldn’t even have noticed but he literally hates those 2.  They have finally met their match.  They get drunk and would mouth off to him and then if they sobered up they would come apologizing.  When he was working it didn’t happen  to often but it happened once to often and he will not speak to them and I don’t either because when their mother was still alive she was that way with me and then the sons took it up when they grew up.  If you forgive them for saying nasty things and try to be friends with them, it is a repeat performance so best to just end it and act like they don’t exist.  Our new neighbors I don’t think I will ever know much about them and that is fine.  Just a lot of people in and out and cars parked on the wrong side of the street.  They are quiet though.  Aside from car doors shutting that is about all the noise we hear.  We will get our Windstream provider installed tomorrow and take Time Warner Cable boxes back to them.  I hate to think of what the final bill will be. Windstream told me they will try to make their bills to where it will help defray some of te bursde3n of paying them off, cause I broke a contract.


shirl72 said...

The new neighbors sounds like you
better watch if you see lots of
traffic. Thank goodness I have
good neighbors front, side and back.

On the dead end street a singer lives there and he is in the
Country Music Hall of Fame. You should see that yard real messy. I only see it when I go to the mail box. No one drives by because it is a dead end.


Sometimes I think it is important to know what the neighbors are up to. Good for you.

jack69 said...

I'm glad to see Joe is able to stay busy. Yep, us handy men MUST keep our hands doing something, there fore we must think.

I think every place is getting to the regulations on EVERYTHING.
Love from Georgia...

Chatty Crone said...

You will probably see more of the neighbors when winter is over I hope - bring the some nice homemade cookies.

And I think that is great about Joe and him keeping busy - we all have to keep busy and stay alert!

Paula said...

Glad Joe is staying busy. John watches toooo much TV and snacks while he watches. Not so bad now while he has cows but when he gets rid of them he needs to do something active.

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