Monday, March 31, 2014

Windstream and Dish will be coming today

March is nearly gone.  It got in the 80’s yesterday.  It was great with the doors open and the ceiling fan on.  Bedroom not so comfortable.  Joe does not want a window open in the bedroom and we had not brought a fan up yet.  In case you are wondering why he does not a window open, it got to be  a habit when the drunk next door and the drunk brother across the alley, were still home and their drunken mom was still alive. When we found out being friendly with them was  not possible they, turned a bright light on our bedroom windows, turned music as as loud as possible and swore nasty swearwords at the top of their lungs.  We called the police so many times you would have thought they had a sub-station here.  We got so used to having our windows covered with dark paper and rubber backed drapes we just still leave one window closed all of the time.  The police, have been out numerous times since the 2 brothers grew up, and after coming out for 4 weeks every weekend we heard the officer tell Tony and Chip that if they had to come out on any complaint from that day on, since they were in Tony’s garage, the next door drunk, they would fine him 100.00 every time they were called. That stopped the loud music and noise.  We are so unsure of what they will do, we just keep our bedroom windows shut at night and open them during the day. They always drink in Tony’s garage. So there is another saga of Lucy and Joe’s life. I know people find it hard to believe that  there are people like that, but take it from me , there are.  I better get off.  Joe is up and I smell coffee.  He had a really good day yesterday.


jack69 said...

Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. You get peace of mind not a piece of their mind.

seems some folk give a piece of their mind that cannot afford it. That sounds like your neighbors.
Love to my man Joe, and thee of course from South Georgia..

Paula said...

I believe you, I know there are people who will aggravate people. John isn't a real good neighbor himself. There is an easement in back of his lot and John thinks he owns the whole thing which he doesn't. The neighbor put a cement block on his half that he props his gate open with so John put it in his driveway.


Unruly neighbors are the worst. Sorry you have to contend with that.

Chatty Crone said...

Lucy - I am trying to figure out that you are in Nebraska and it is 80 degrees and Wisconsin - east of you - got a foot of snow - that doesn't make sense. It was 80 here too.

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