Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Will see what this will do

I hope this posts.  Seems like live writer may not be happy.  We got switched over to Windstream but still feeling out what may be different.  That wind yesterday was as bad as Sundays.  It has been terrible.  Grass fires are way out of control. Joe was supposed to be going to the heart team out on 90th and Highway 2 and has all of a sudden decided to be a know show.  He got mad at me last night because I fell asleep in my chair.  First time I have done that in weeks.  I was going on about 4 hours sleep the nigh before and Dish, Windstream and the Schwan man all came about the same time.  I was worn out last night but he is still mad because I fell asleep. Will see if this will publish. 


jack69 said...

Maybe the wind had blown out and SPRING will be here soon. Out like a Lion (March)? Not here I think it was fairly calm..

Hope you are happy with the change and it will work out good for you guys.

Love from South Georgia...

shirl72 said...

March winds were really bad this
year. It damages lots of buildings
and signs in the mountain.

Today is quite and warming up. I
am ready for good weather. Hope
your household gets back to normal.
You don't need the stress to add to
your health problems. Be cool.

Paula said...

I can't understand (well maybe I can) why Joe cares if you fall asleep in your chair.


Joe shouldn't bother you if you fall asleep in your chair. tell him enough with the complaints.

Weekend-Windup said...

Winds brings you spring soon!

Chatty Crone said...

Joe canceled his appointment because you feel asleep?

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