Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It has been really cold all week

Joe’s check up went really well.  After me trying to get him up yesterday morning and he kept saying “I am going to reschedule”, he came out about 15 minutes later and said, I decided to go.  Joe has never been one to rush.  I actually got him out the door and he got there on time.  He had no breakfast so he was hungry when he came home. One minute I want to skin him alive and the next minute I wonder what we would do without each other.  Then Spunky got carried away.  When Joe went out the door to go to the heart team Spunky promptly moved into our bedroom  and  pouted till he got home. If he goes in the bedroom he can hear the car start.  I think he is so attached to Joe because Joe feeds him, most of the time, he will settle  for me if Joe isn’t around  Joe takes him out.  I bribed him with 2 mini milk bones and he came out, got up on his bed, (my couch) and stayed for all of 10 minutes and back in the bedroom.  I am sure he has gained weight thanks to Joe breaking off some of his chicken or whatever we are having and giving him more than he needs and then saying “mom gave that to you.”  We are having good luck with Wind stream so far. The man that installed dish talked a lot.  He was telling us that when his boys were small, his wife went into a seizure and they took her into the hospital and she had like a cold sore you get on your mouth  once in a while, on her brain.  She can get by in the house pretty good he said but he tries to clean the house and all he can do but her only after effects is she still has seizures.  I was telling Ron about it and he said a lady in Cortland had like the flu like symptoms and  it was in her lungs and throat and the doctors said when she had a seizure and was taken to the hospital, that infection went to her brain and killed her.  But a fever blister on the brain is just so weird .


Jean said...

Glad Joe made it to his doctor appointment, I have to take Grover so I tell him to get dressed he has an appointment to see the doctor, ha. It has been a nice day here and I got part of the yards mowed and some weed eating done. Maybe since April is here we will see more nice days. Take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

So glad Joe's Dr's app. came
out good. Spunky is so funny,
pouting until Joe returns. They
are smart.

That word Cancer is awful we never
know what it will attack. Glad you
are having some nice weather. We
were in the 80's today. Rain for
Friday and Sat. Hope your weather
stays good.


Poor Spunky missing Joe like that. Glad the doctor appointment went well.

Paula said...

Spunky makes me laugh. He settles for you if Joe isn't there. He knows which side of the bread his butter is on. Glad Joe went on to his appointment.

Chatty Crone said...

SO Joe went and got good reports? Yeah. So Spunky is Joe's dog?

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