Thursday, April 3, 2014

cold again.

They were talking snow today.  We had a shower yesterday and wen I saw a little water in a dip by the curb I went and looked at dirt and you could not tell it had rained a drop.  It is really dry.  Joe got our equipment back to Time Warner Cable.  Last day before they could make us pay each day we were late.  I think the pills for trying to slow my heart down are causing joint pain and I caught a cold on top of it.  Didn’t sleep much last night.  Nose plugged up and my body hurt.  Got the special soap I have to wash everything 2 days in a row with that the day before and the day of surgery. I just got a lecture about sleeping in the chair and not sleeping at night..  I have yet to throw it in his teeth that every night when he was drinking he fell asleep in the wooden chair with a lit cigarette and I had to try to get him to stay awake.  I think he passed out rather than sleep.  Can you tell I just switched from  annoyed by his lecture to just plain mad.  We have been getting along fine till I fell asleep in my chair.  Our rain has stopped.  I am going to get off of here and regain my dignity one way or another.


jack69 said...

Oh now, Blessed is the peacemaker!, Yeah I know sometimes it is VERY hard. hahahahahaha It is much easier to make war!

Glad Joe's appointment went well.

I hate the side effects of meds...

Love from down in South CArolina... The name of this town is Fair Play, SC (I'm trying to be fair.)


Sorry you are feeling miserable. Hope the nose clears up soon. Joe really should lighten up about you in the chair.

Beth Niquette said...

You are such a great lady, Lucy. I'm hoping you'll feel much better soon. I'm praying for a full recovery. God bless you, dear Friend--and I'm with Tarryterre--Joe should lighten up. ((hugs))

Paula said...

Hang in there Lucy you can vent here.

Jean said...

I started to take a video yesterday of Grover asleep in his chair,ha. I don't see how he could have slept the way he was laying in the chair. I agree with Paula, you can vent here. It's in the 80's here today I'm still cleaning the yards. Take care, Jean.

Chatty Crone said...

I understand the side affects of meds too.

Joe smokes?

I hope you feel better - colds just knock you out.

Hang in Lucy!

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