Friday, April 4, 2014


it wasn’t so frosty yesterday in the house since I stayed awake.  He can be a pain in the tush!! We have been getting along so much better and we have been actually talking to each other. We actually got rain.  That is hard to believe.  It is unbelievably dry here.  Of course during the depression and about 1934 I remember how hot dry and hot it was.  One small tree and  mom, dad, Melvin, My brother and I all under that little tree.  Crops were burning up and it was unheard of for a farmer to sit under a shade tree during the time he normally would be out working in the fields but all was burning up. We had a basement but it was hot to.  We always put our potatoes after harvesting them back in the coolest corner in the basement.  One problem though, I was the one that GOT to go to the basement and get a bag of potatoes.  It was fine when they were still fresh.  But their , as they aged I would be searching for the best potatoes to take upstairs.  Every so often my hand would be covered with rotten potato  goo.  The smell was terrible.  Mom would say just wash your hands in the wash pan we had.  I did, but the smell was still there.  So I managed to convinced her to take some water out of the reservoir where it was still  pretty warm to get the smell of rotten potato out of my hands.  That and picking up cobs out of the pig pen for the wood stove.  How gross.  How did I get on that subject??  I didn’t know why I was picked to do those smelly things.  Going back in time is not always a good thing. I quit all my vitamins and started leaving the candy alone and got rid of the pains in my stomach.  Pradaxa, the pill to slow my heart down, and vitamins, especially iron, are hard on the stomach.  Multaq was to but I am off of it.  Gradually add  the vitamins back, but the pradaxa is  a 2 a day dose and I am not  going to quit that.


jack69 said...

Like this entry. Especially the part of the history. I have read how hot it got out your way, but you are the first person I have know who actually felt it.

I did smile about the rotten potatoes, you are right!!!!

You were just lucky to be THE ONE!

Cindi said...

you made me giggle with the rotting potatoes. such an awful smell...

Chatty Crone said...

Rotten potato goo - I had no idea. I love to hear the history and to learn all about you!


Smiled about the rotten potatoes. Sometimes I leave them in my drawer too long and have the same problem.

shirl72 said...

Well talking about old times is
a good thing. At least we can
still things that happened. The
potatoes would stink when they
get old.

Glad everything is going smooth
right now. Stay cool.

Jean said...

Thanks Lucy for stopping by my blog it's always good to hear from you. I'm sure at your house it's like it is at mine, together 24 hours a day can get on our nerves. Ha. I can get out for a short time to give Grover some alone time, but he can't. He likes to watch TV so that gives him some enjoyment. You take care, Jean

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