Thursday, March 6, 2014

Better see if I can get a quick line in

I commented on blogs today and had a little to do around the house.  I am still fighting my e-mail.  I go to outlooks problem solving email page and I could not solve it after trying and trying. I am about ready to give up on it.  I get advertisement but no personal e-mails  Forget me getting any out.  One of these days I will figure something out.  G-mail is a pain. It is warmer here today but very overcast and damp.  Got a call from Dr. Gobbo’s office and he wants me in every 30 days for blood tests.  So I go in the 13th. Must go.  Phone is ringing and I have Ron on hold.


jack69 said...

Sounds like it is busy out there. I hope taht after a couple months the blood work won't be needed.

Hope the head-aches are better, it is hard to concentrate with a head ache.
Love to you and the man Joe oh yeah and also the 'coon chaser.


Hope everything with the blood tests go well. I know somebody else who has problems with g-mail.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't use gmail - we have comcast which works pretty good.

My brother had to get monthly tests - be sure and do it Lucy!

Love, sandie

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