Friday, March 7, 2014

I Am Going to Get my Hair done, snow, rain, sleet.

Will see how this shows up.  Not very well.  so I changed it  or will and I just did.  Not much going on.  Guess it is to early. They are forecasting snow for today,  Since I am going to drive today it will probably drop buckets.  In that case I would let Joe drive me.  I was hoping that I would have the energy to stop at Shopko on the way home.  Now ladies, I have to tell you , and this is a first.  I washed my hair yesterday and at the last minute I decided to condition it to.  I forgot I put conditioner on and got out of the shower and dressed and could not figure out why it just did not want to lay anywhere.  That was about 9 in the morning.  I am still speaking about my hair.  Last night I was watching TV and my head started to itch and tingle.  It dawned on me that I had left the conditioner on and it had dried, so I sneaked off into the bathroom and rinsed it out.  That felt so good.  I just combed it straight since I am going to the shop today.  I have well conditioned hair.  It should be easy for my hair dresser to handle.  Spunky is up.  I really think I will be going to doctors on a more regular basis.  Gobbo is watching to see if my blood count stays up.  I think it is.  Joe took Spunky to get his toenails clipped  so I vacuumed the bedrooms. long living room, hallway, bathroom.  I have never done so much since I went into A-fib.  Needless to say we had hot dogs and chips for dinner.  ! put a clean sheet and pillow cases  on Spunky’s bed-my couch.  Strange part of it was  I was not very winded.  That is nice.  Hope it doesn’t get to slow.  Spunky wants out so  I best go.


shirl72 said...

I know you will be happy to get
your hair cut. I have a leave-in
conditioner and it works good.
My hair dresser cut my hair to short, but it will grown.

Our weather is very cold and they said Charlotte had some sleet and snow. It is raining right now. I'm like Joe I think they erased Spring off the calender.

Chatty Crone said...

You sound so much better and you have conditioned hair too. Did you get it cut? I had the best haircut the last time. We are having spring here .... sorry!

jack69 said...

Neither rain, sleet, snow or slicky roads will deter the woman from her hair dresser!!!!!

LOL Hope all goes well and all that conditioner doesn't be unconditional.

Love from Florida


I have accidently done that with my hair too. I guess it doesn't matter when you rinse.

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