Saturday, March 8, 2014


I actually did my Solo flight very well.  Went right to the house and since it is a house  they have made the front yard into a paved area to accommodate 2 full sized cars, widened the driveway  down to the garage.  No parking on the street so I knew  I was going to have to park in one of those spaces.  One in the front yard was there.  A big new explorer sitting there.  I pulled right into it, no problem, the parking space that is.  When I left the explorer was gone so I had no problem.  Stopped at Shopko on the way home.  It was a cold wind yesterday.  I parked pretty close but it was a slight slope up. I found out I had all I could do to make it into Shopko.  I lectured myself because I have felt all along that I needed to know how I would do outside of home.  I just kept saying to myself it will get better. I was short winded but not as much as I would have been without the 2 pills they gave me to slow my heart down.  I trudged down to the camera and electronics department  I bought real HP ink for my printer.  I definitely will take it back if it won’t work.  Want to set it up after Joe and Spunky get up.  Kind of noisy, the printer, If it works.  They had a sale on printers, but if this works it will be ok.  Then I went into  the furniture and sat on a new rocker for about 5 minutes. I have always called that a “smaller Shopko”.  It was not small yesterday.  I then went to the pet department and and got Spunky some mini milk bones.  I have $36.00 left on my last gift card.  The stupid ink was 16.00 for the black and 28.00 for the colored.  I have one person I write to and the only way to go is type it and print it or I can barely read my own writing.  At any rate I stayed fairly short winded all the way through the store.  Got home and there was Joe sitting on the couch watching TV.  He won’t do that when I am home except sometime in the evening.  Better close this so I can post it. Sorry about the long winded script of how I felt but I have thought all along I needed to do that before I go back to Dr. Merliss, the arrhythmia specialist. Hair feels great. I told my hair dresser about the crème rinse and she said your hair is soft.


jack69 said...

Well, well well a lady who is happy with hair is a happy lady. then put that with a shopping spree to show off the hair dooooo and of course we have a happier lady.
Parking is sometimes a problem for me and also my hand writing has become a disaster too.
sherry and Shirl both have kept their beautiful hand writing, but not I.

Love ya (I hate the price of the ink, I have started ordering mine on line. It helps some)

Chatty Crone said...

Sounds like you passed your own test! You did good. I think I would be short of breathe too.

I have an HP printer too and the ink is NEVER on sale it is is $$$!

Rest the rest of the day!



Glad you were able to get out and about. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself, though you were winded.

shirl72 said...

Glad you got you hair cut, that
always makes a person feel better.
You did good making your rounds
and back home in one piece.
I bet Spunky missed you while you
were gone. Stay warm...

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