Sunday, March 9, 2014

I wish they would leave the time alone!!!!

I really hated it when I was baby sitting.  The kids came in tired, I was tired ad they  wanted to eat when their stomach  said it was hungry.  Sorry, I know every year I go  into this negative mode, bore you all with my complaining but my body is not ready for it to change time.  Nor my mind.  Oh well, I can’t change anything.  Now let me tell you how stupid our city council is.The Grand Theatre her, that houses 4 separate viewing  areas. but one lobby.  They applied for a license to sell  alcohol, the theatre did.  City Council passed it but the bill has to go to the state.  If it passes I can not for see anything good about it. If people can not go to a movie without drinking, while there, as far as I am concerned they are hard core alcoholics.  Like Joe said , serve it in the churches.  There is an ordinance that says a minor 14 and under can not be where alcohol is served, after 9:00 pm.  Am I ever glad my kids are raised  Am going to try to  change my attitude.  Joe just got up so going to take a shower. .


jack69 said...

Most folks I have known and know, dispise the idea of the time change. So who is for it?

Must be someone. It may be a good idea, but seems business could just adjust their hours it they needed the dark or daylight more. Oh well..

I remember the midnight watches in the military, I hated it when we extended the watch an hour, but liked it when cut back.

I can't be happy about time I like to fuss too.

Love you!!!


I agree. I do not think movie theatres should be serving booze.

Paula said...

I have only heard one person say she likes the time change. I say leave it one way or the other, I don't care which. Just don't change it.

Chatty Crone said...

I wish they would leave time alone.

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