Monday, March 10, 2014

Lets be creative/

Will see how this sets.  Waiting for the coffee to get done.  Can smell it.  MMMM good.   I got in face book today early and that is a mistake.  Especially before I write my blog.  You know how curiosity killed the cat..  Just had to find out how my grandson did on his 3 day birthday.I  had to give up on him when I realized he was not truly sincere in wanting to stop drinking.  I could handle it till I started having my health problems.  He had this girl friend that was old enough to be his mother.  Had been picked up for drugs and was using my grandson for when she wanted to see him  He was doing much better before she started jerking him around.He finally dumped her and was going on a date with someone more his age, over the birthday weekend.  Sounded pretty favorable this morning.  I guess I want to save him from the alcohol use since I couldn’t save his dad.  Thank goodness from what the kids said he saved himself.  Will read blogs today and so I will close this for now.


jack69 said...

I know what you mean about matches 'NOT made in Heaven.'

I steer clear of FB, I am there but seldom, to be honest I get lost. This is just a lot simpler for my mind.

Love ya enjoy the coffee.


Alcohol will do strange things to you, for sure. Glad he straightened himself out.

Chatty Crone said...

I too know what you mean about matches not made in Heaven. It is hard.

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