Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fairly warm temps but wind makes it feel cold

I think I am going to go on strike.  I am tired of balancing the checkbook, struggling to get the bills paid.  I wish Joe could keep track of our expenses and write out the checks.  I try to show him how I do a balancing act, so everyone gets something and we still eat.  I am getting a little more concerned about his memory.  Having had a sister who died of Alzheimer's I see signs of a future problem.  Just hoping I am wrong.  I do try to help him figure out where the street is that something bad happened on, when we hear it on the news.  I pray I am wrong, because I was the one that had to get Mabel some help cause her husband could not handle it and it breaks your heart to see one who was so strong, not even know or care what is going on around her.  I am the last one to, Jean.  Out of 10 kids  it is just me.

Joe saw the fellow that owns the house next door to us, the yellowish-orange one.  He says he has it rented and they will pay 860.00 a month and all utilities.  He says she is a mom with 3 kids. It just  drives Joe nuts because sometimes their will be 4 cars or vans parked the wrong way on the right side of the street.  I was right on one thing, I can not figure out which lady it is that is moving in and I  don’t know who’s kid is who. There was a worker over there nearly all day and when he left the lights were on upstairs and the windows open. No one showed up that rented the house so it is still lit up and I would imagine a little cold.


jack69 said...

I am afraid once you have seen Dementia up close, it becomes a boogaboo that we see around the corner. I guess it is just human nature.
We do the same...
Hope you see more of SPRING soon!

Sheila Y said...

We had more ice yesterday...not fond of ice just snow. :-) I hope your new neighbors are good and kind. Wishing you a good day, Sheila


As we age we all lose a little bit of who we used to be. Hope Joe is not losing more. You hang in there.

shirl72 said...

Dementia is a sad thing and hope it
it not happening to Joe.

We are having very cold weather
but suppose to get warm Thursday.
Nothing exciting happening here
right now. Jack and Sherry will
be home before Easter will be glad
to see them. Stay warm tell Spunky
and Joe hello.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope it is just growing old - we I have learned takes a lot of courage - don't you?

Paula said...

Hope when the new neighbors get settled they will be good neighbors.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hi Lucy! Just stopped by to catch up with you. Hope it warms up for you soon ~

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