Monday, March 17, 2014

I will trust this will post

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!100_0316

Sorry about the only really green I had.  You can tell I am not Irish.  It would be hard to find anything Irish abut the name Abbott, my maiden name.  All we had that was like a true  Irishman was my dad’s temper and happy to drink with anyone and it didn’t have to be St.Patrick’s day.  Dad never laid a hand on me but I was shy about talking to him.  I would imagine being the baby of 9 and not meant to be, he really didn’t have much left to say.  Funny part of it was I was painfully shy but I can remember when we had company and I was probably about 4 and my dad was the only one that ever sat in HIS chair, and I guess I decided to sit on dad’s lap.  I didn’t look but just slowly backed up and to my horror it was an uncle from Colo. I didn’t really know.  I started to take off for the kitchen but he held on to me for a while, and said it made him happy to have me sit on his lap.  I escaped as quickly as I could and never left the kitchen where mom and my sisters were.  I have probably told that story again.  Shirl it was good to hear from you again on my blog.  I heard you were supposed to get more bad weather.    Yes, I think Spunky thought the tiny black puppy was a ball of fur that moved unexpectedly.  Kathy couldn’t get over Spunky’s tail going completely around when he was wagging it.  Going to see if this will post.


jack69 said...

Funny the tings that stick out from childhood.
Happy St. Patties day. Mama said we were Scot Irish, I figured Lloyds were English, I thought Darnell was French. to be honest I am not sure the Darnell family knew their ancestry, least ways no body told me.
We have RAIN but nice temps.
Love from Florida. Glad you over come the shy little girl....

jack69 said...

Us baby's of our families must stick together....

Jean said...

I was next to the baby in my family my mom's last three kids were girls. Just think if she had stop having kids sooner she would have had only one girl out of four boys .Ha. Sad to say I'm the last one living. Happy St. Patrick's day! Your blog is so pretty. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

Hi Lucy: Hope you are having a good day for Saint Patrick's Day. Doesn't matter if you are Irish, you can pretend, huh?


You do not have to be Irish to celebrate. Hope you had a great day.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I was the baby too.

Once we were on like a tour I guess you'd say - I went to hold my dad's hand - looked up - it was not my dad!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!


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