Sunday, March 16, 2014

I think it is going to work

A one liner just posted so here goes nothing.  Will see if this does the job.  I uninstalled messenger and Skype.  Have a feeling that could have been my problem. They want, Microsoft, to turn this machine into a new machine that runs all the versions so I get up to windows 8 and I do not want 8.  They want to charge  me for that but I can get 10 and 11 for nothing.  I am on so much medication I  am surprised I just don’t take  everything they offer. My brain doesn’t get to addled.  I have it all marked plus use pillboxes. I think I mentioned that Gobbo listened to my heart and said it is slower, so the meds are working.  I go in to Merliss the 25th.  He may try one more pill to slow the heart down.  Sometimes it still races but not for long.

A new subject.  Ron and Kathy had their new little puppy in to Pitts for some shots and brought him up so grandma could see her grand dog.  He is so black, even his eyes are.  He is about 7 weeks and tiny little thing.  He is like holding a little ball of fur.  We put him down with Spunky and at first the little dickens was afraid of Spunky.  Then the tables turned.  He wanted to play, so he would sit down and all of a sudden jump at Spunky.  Spunky would cower back and then slowly venture out, and his tail was going around in circles the whole time.  Winston has a little stub for a tail and his stub would move a little.  It was funny to watch them.  That puppy is so active.  Ron said by the end of the day he feels every one of his 60 years, but they are crazy about him.  Lets see if this will post.


jack69 said...

Nice visit from the grand dog and kids. It is nice to have a good visit. We don't do that as much as we should as families. Everyone is just to busy...

Nice even for the Spunky to see his grand kid. hahahaha
Love from Florida

Chatty Crone said...

Awe it was a grand puppy - so nice to see and now own!!!!!!!!!! lol

I know what you mean about medicine.

And all your posts posted!

shirl72 said...

Glad you got to see the grand-dog.
I bet it is cute. Spunky probably
thought is was a black fur ball.
Glad your meds are working. Hope
they can get the heart to quite

Our weather will be cold for a few days and then it will go back up.
Rain today...


The puppy sounds precious. Glad you got to enjoy him. I'm happy your heart isn't racing. My hubby hasn't been to the cardiologist yet.

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