Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fooling with my camera and lost track of time.

Joe is already up but I guess it is time.  I had something weird for the last 3 days.  Think it is traveling on. I sure hope so.  With all my stupid weird problems that I have all of the time, I figured it had to be something to do with that but it isn’t.  So if any of you get this you will know it is something going around.  Joe had it last week but unlike me he doesn’t complain.  It started out with  every joint in my body from the waist down hurt terribly.  That got better gradually and then I started sneezing and coughing then progressed to not much of an appetite.  Then I figured it was really serious cause I like to eat.  Woke up this morning and the joints are nearly back to their normal arthritic state.  So there is something going around.  I am going to go have breakfast.  I run out of time in the mornings cause I am trying to print off the camera instructions. That is a pain in the you know what.  Joe is waiting for me so best go and will be back.  I am back with a full stomach., a cup of coffee and ready to tackle my day……maybe.  Go in and get my blood checked tomorrow.  Hope it will be up, to normal or near normal.  I am thinking I may try to make it on my own.  I wouldn’t have any trouble if I could park closer to the door but there is a long hallway from parking garage to lobby..  If I can park close to the door it is not to bad.  Will see what the weather is like.  Not to bad today.  The temperature is supposed to get to 50.


Chatty Crone said...

You catch a lot of little things girl - and I wonder why - I thought it was so cold there that there would not be any germs.
Good luck on your blood test tomorrow. Hope you get a great report.

jack69 said...

I hope your oil is okay when they check it tomorrow. Joe could do that! LOL

Hope you get to feeling better, it won't be long until bathing suit season up there, y'all do have spring and summer don't you?.

things will be better. Love from Florida where we are getting blown away!!! LOL We got wind...


Good luck tomorrow. Hope you feel better.

shirl72 said...

Hope you are feeling some better.
I am hoping you get a good reading
on your blood work.

Our weather had turned cold and the
wind is really bad. We also had
rain. This weather has been
unpredictable this year, I am
wondering what the Summer will be
since our Winter has been so weird.

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