Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring???????

The weather man says it is supposed to get up to 68, maybe.  That would be hard to take.  Might have to turn the Air on, if it works.  I am going to make it short. Worked on the check book all morning.  I hate that job. I discovered  that my husband is not so afraid of me falling on the stairs.  He has been telling me that place in the  bathroom that was wet had dried up.  I went down there yesterday while he was at the store and the rug he said was dry is not dry.  So I asked him last night if there was water in the bathroom downstairs and he said “No, it has been dry for over a month.”  We can’t afford a plumber but Ron put in a new stool down there and I would like to see if he would look at it.  I think that is why Joe won’t tell me.  It is so strange that Joe just wants to ignore if water gets in the basement.  I still haven’t told him that I know.  There are no pipes under that area.  I don’t think I am going to be very good company.  Just thought I would let you all know I am still kicking. Going to try to read blogs today after my good humor returns.  It took a leave of absence.


Forty Pound Sack said...

aw, I hate plumbing problems!!! Such a hassle. Hope your day is going better ~

jack69 said...

Sorry to hear about the water where there is no water. Joe just doesn't want you to add to your troubles.

I just found out today is the first of Spring!!
From Florida, LOVE

Paula said...

I could just shake John when he wants to ignore things like that , that need to be taken care of. What we gonna do with those guys Lucy?

Chatty Crone said...

I know that having a plumbing problem is no fun!


Hope that leak in your basement is not too serious. Plumbing issues can be expensive, for sure.

Jean said...

Now you better be careful are you will get caught ,lol. I hate plumbing problems as you know we've had our share here lately and it isn't cheap to get it fixed. Maybe Ron can fix it for you. Take care. Jean

Claudia said...

Lucy, you could be a detective.

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