Friday, March 21, 2014

Strange night

Paula, maybe we could knock heir heads together, but being who they are I don’t think it would help.  Jack says “Joe is trying to protect me”  He may be right but we could have a flood running under our house and it would be something like out of site that would convince me there was nothing there.  The actual words water under the tile in one area of his bathroom. I have been trying to get him to say something to me about it.  I was not lying when I said I needed to go to  the basement and iron 2 slacks I have.  He said I can bring the board up here, and I said we are not carrying that board up here.  We have a basement to use for that.  He said “I don’t want you to fall.” And before  I had time to think,” I said no, I think the problem is the water that is in your bathroom”.  He never did say he had it or not.  I think he knows that I went down their”..At one time we had 2 plumbers in the family and Marty was learning and Marty and Lee moved and Garrett died.  We just about had to call one of them and they came over and fixed the problem.  I think it is ground water but I am not sure and god only knows how much it could cost to have a plumber.  I know more than we would have and I don’t want to borrow again on the house.  The roof is nearly paid off.  If my joints will let me I will do that today.  When I went down the day Joe was at the store, I had to pull myself up and hope my legs would not buckle.  I will never tell him.  Well got that out of my system, for now.


jack69 said...

Okay, pay attention. WE are too old to do stuff JUST to prove we are right. WELL MAYBE NOT!!!LOL

But do be careful pushing yourself. Life is more important.

Spring will come and everyone will feel better, WON'T WE?????

Love from Florida!!!
And it ain't fair for you girls to gang up!!!

Chatty Crone said...

What did you see when y ou went back down today?


Jean said...

It is scary to go down when Joe is not there in case you fell, be careful. The guy that I hired charged $50.00 an hour. If he worked less it still was $50.00. Ha. It's nice and pretty outside today. I'm wondering why I'm sitting in here on the computer. Take care. jean

Paula said...

I agree with the others, maybe you shouldn't go down when you are there alone. Accidents can happen so fast. We sure wouldn't want you to break a hip or anything for that matter. It's hard when you're used to doing things for yourself and can't or shouldn't anymore. Don't take a chance Lucy, we care about you.


Be careful going downstairs and coming back up. It is difficult for sure.

shirl72 said...

Lucy take everybody's advise and
don't be going up and down those
steps. You could fall and would
have to lay there until found.

Life if more important. Hope you
find the problem and can get if fixed. I know it bothers you but
be careful...

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