Thursday, March 13, 2014

I have a feeling I am getting left behind in computer technology

  • If this posts at all it will be a miracle.  Nothing looks right on here today  I think I know what the problem is.  Whoever is watching me  wants be to buy a new computer and printer.  NO, No.  NO MONEY!!!  I think that is a good reason.  I have came up with some of the screwiest things already this morning.. I don’t want to download a new messenger and they say I have to.  I don’t use it anyway.  Shirl, I have to tell you about our screwy Beagle. He has not been allowed behind the bed  until recently we took the barricades down.  They have been down for at least 3 weeks.  He comes in and gets his bedtime treat’s and then goes back on “my couch”, “his bed”.  A few nights ago he was being what I thought was a bad dog, not listening to either Joe or I.  We would tell him to go get on his bed and he just sat half in the bedroom and half in the hall with that stubborn look.  Finally Joe got him up there and I had gotten cross with him so he figured everyone was mad at him. I was laying there in bed after turning the lights out and I see this Beagle go behind the bed.  I poked Joe and he noticed it.  We didn’t say anything to him.  Every night since,  he comes in and gets his treats and then sits in the bedroom and ;peeks out to see where Joe is.  I now give him his treats and tell him he can go to bed wherever he thinks his bed it.  He goes behind the bed and has for the last 3 years since he figured out he could not make the jump. After  his surgery we had to block it off, cause he could not navigate very well.  So now he comes in and lays on the hard floor and puts us to bed and around one or 1;30 he comes out and gets on his soft couch.  It is kind of funny because he is so sneaky about it.  Dr. Merliss, rhythm specialist left a note with Dr. Gobbo that he was trying to slow the heart down and possibly prep me for a pacemaker  or the sealing of the heart on the edge.  Gobbo said without an EKG it felt like my heart rate was slower.  I hope all comes out good for all.  Not being able to work and have one income is hard.  Yes Sandie I know exactly what you mean about sitting down after a few boxes being moved.


Paula said...

Me thinks Spunky has Joe and Lucy wrapped around his paw. So cute!

jack69 said...

Methinks Paula is correctto!

AND BESIDES Beagles ain't sneaky, they are smarter than the average bear!
Try to relax, dat heart is a good one!
Love from Florida

jack69 said...



Spunky is so cute. How sweet that he does that each night.

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