Thursday, March 13, 2014

Joe is up!!!!!

Shock to the system when he gets  up so early.  It isn’t early but it is for him.  So that means I am going to have to make this short, again.  Guess who I hear coughing like I started a few days ago.  Yep, my one and only hubby.  I worry more when he comes down with something.  He thinks he is invincible.  It is kind of a relief if he doesn’t get what I get.  My husband has had surgery where as I just have a floppy heart.  I often wonder how long he can live that way.  He has done better than I thought.  They are right on top of any problem that crops up, since he has that machine. I am going to give up on the flowers for his sake,  That is one of the hardest things I have had to do..  May get some container pots I can put on the steps. Guess you have probably figured out it looks like it is going to be a nice day.  Have to go.


Lucy said...

It is working now I think.

jack69 said...

Beautiful header picture. I love the color.
For your information, 9AM is normal getting up time for retirees. 10am is sleeping in a little. 11am is just about right to make up for all that lost sleep growing up and going to work early!(smile)

I know, you early risers cannot help it, you just need more practice.

have a great day and Hug what's his name.

shirl72 said...

Hope you start having decent weather
We are having a short cool spell.

Glad Joe is doing well in his
condition. I know life get complicated sometime but it is a
gift and lets both live it to it
fullest. Take care of yourself and
my friend Spunky. Glad he is improving tell him hello.

Chatty Crone said...

You know - we have been cleaning out our home. I tell you years ago we would have had it done. Now that we are older - it is taking for ever. We can work like an hour and rest. Carry up a couple of boxes. Then have to stop. Things change with age don't they? sandie

Jean said...

I'm kind of like Jack, a late sleeper, ha. I also stay up late most nights. It has turned back cool here after having a few pretty days. I have to go next month and get a echo done to check the heart murmur that they said I have.It has been 4 years (I think) this will make the third time and I have to have it done every two years. You take care. Jean


The container pots will look lovely.

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