Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Think I see sun!!!!

Another day closer to spring, I hope.  It is truly enough winter.  We have not had much snow but we have had the cold and some ice. Never knew we could be so fortunate, but it is not over yet so I better be quiet.  Ok here are 100_0033_thumb-001some comparisons.  Our tiny white house with blue trim. Old but still able to keep it up.  The green and white mixture was the house they foreclosed on for back taxes. Trees growing out in under the house.  Porch floor was ready to cave in.  That is the one that is yellowish orange. now..  The pink house that shows a little bit is only about 15 years old and since Barb has been in there it looks awful.  Shades torn, curtains hanging crooked from one rod not having anything to latch on to.  That back yard was full of refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers. balls OF  wire, you name it. They have the goat and bring it in on the back porch when it gets cold.  Her husband was the one that was a bleeder and all crippled up on one side but we had to give him credit, He tried to get the places to where they looked better.  He died at age 72.  She has made everything worse.  I tried to get the message across to her that I had been widowed and knew how it felt and take a little time but that now she was the  only one that could do all.  She had a man down the alley that was young and capable to help her and she was letting him live in one of their god awful rentals free. He moved a while back because people were blaming him for not cleaning up her properties.  At any rate she was going to  She was the one that the city had a court date to force her to clean up the outside so it was not an eyesore, and I bet the coon Spunky got hurt by, lives there on one of her 3 rentals.. She was supposed to go to court this March and she went to the judge and had it changed to a year from now.All the neighbors are up un arms.  The ones on 15th st. can not stand to look out their back windows.  So Sandie this is my neighborhood.  I think my bloggers that have been blogging with me all have seen this.  But now you know why I kind of like the yellow orange color on the house next to us,. It is clean.


Chatty Crone said...

I went to get my haircut at this gal's house for the first time. IN her neighborhood there was one house that had every single inch of their yard covered with something. It amazed me. Front, sides, back. How does one do that - start that? SO you like it clean - I do too!

Paula said...

Your house looks very neat. I like that.

jack69 said...

Hi, Yes I recognize your house. We loved it. We like compact, we have had a lot of room but have never needed it.
It seemed so comfy and homable (I just made that word up!) Also our visit though short was refreshing. (Especially to find that Joe doesn't have horns!)

Love yo girl and hope the weather does warm up soon.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I understand how you feel
when people will not keep their
property up it is an eyesore. I have work with code enforcement that is
why people get upset it brings the neighborhood down. I cannot understand how they can live in
a mess.


Sometimes messes overtake us. I hope your neighbor gets help to clean things up.

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