Monday, March 3, 2014

It is cold

I survived yesterday which was so cold.  When we went to bed it was 4 above. Supposedly we broke the record for cold temperatures.  It was 1943, Joe couldn’t remember what the temps were then but he said he has the year right.  My first husband and father of 4 of my kids was in the National Guard and they had to go dig, I can bet it was Broken Bow. We had been married a short time then.

Well Jack, I hope you have learned your lesson.  You don’t have Krispy Cream for breakfast.  Listen to your sister.  She knows best.!!!!  And yes, I know how girls are.  I have been one all my life. We spend more time trying to keep you men straight.  Shirl is just like me, always trying to keep you, Jack, out of trouble, and I do that with Joe.  At least Sherry has her to help crack the whip.

I am going to give Facebook a rest.  I am not closing my account yet but I still might.  I had several people  saying not to stay away to long.  Was good to know that I had people that will miss me.  I have  a lot of family on there and I think some have gone to a whole new level of misunderstanding my words but that is ok..  Funny part of it is I have let it be known that I  don’t think it is nice to use the F word and swear.  And it is not right for people to use that junk.  You can get the message out without those words, and I think some thought they were aimed at them, alone, but I singled them out and mentioned  no names.  I am not stupid enough to think it will ever stop.



It has definitely been cold out there, that's for sure. Stay warm.

jack69 said...

You are so danged lucky to be around when records are set!!!! WOW taht is cold, that is for sure.

Now to be fair, we boys do play the game and let you think you are fixing us, BUT wait until SPRING!LOL

I agree with the language used on the internet. It is getting lower all over the country. We are definitely 'DUMBING' down.
Love from Florida

Paula said...

Wow! That is cold there. We're cold again here too but the sun is shining today. Stay warm girl and well.

Jean said...

I agree with you about the language some use on the internet. I'm not a big fan of FB. I play Farm Town, but I'm thinking about giving it up. Take care, stay warm. Jean

shirl72 said...

When you have to use language
like that they say you do not have
a wide vocabulary and it brings you down.

We are having rain and it is going
to be cold but not as cold as you.
We got Jack straighten out about
eating those Krispy Kreme..I don't
want to hear a thing about weight.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree about the language - if someone can't think of another word to use then that to get their meaning across then they are not too smart!

And yes that is cold!


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