Sunday, March 2, 2014

Snow has not amounted to much but the cold is bone chilling.

A couple of more days of miserable wind and cold and snow off and on and it is supposed to be in the 40’s by Fri. Don’t think I will make outdoor plans for that time.  I woke so early this morning.  I was awake at 3 and don’t think I went back to sleep. Finally managed to get out of bed at 5:00.  Joe hates it when I get up so early. I just can’t lay to long with no arthritis meds.  My bones hurt.  Strange  how one pain med will fix one pain but not touch another. I seem to be getting along pretty well with my heart medication to slow down my heart.  Last night off and on I felt it going faster but I am willing to try all he asks me to. There is definitely an improvement. most of the time.  Christopher is finally willing to go on the potty but they had to go back to pullups because he is small and no rear.  He would pull the training pants Connie got him up and take 2 steps and they fell down.  He also is eating better.  Speech is still slow but they are doing intensive therapy on him, for that at Madonna. That is a rehab for people that need to leave the hospital after injuries but needs therapy.  No one knew they have a therapy dept. for kids like Chris.  Ron’s grandson is walking now.  Just turned one.  My step great great grandson was in a video they posted on facebook and it was so funny.  Do not ask me what toy it was but it had a handle and wheels on the front. His legs were flying to keep up with the toy. He must be awfully close to a year.  Better get off of here and see what else is going on. Try to read blogs today. Sandie the house next door is supposed to be yellow but it is more of a startling shade of yellowish orange.  I posted pictures of it before this man bought it for back taxes and compared to then and now, I won’t complain about this color.  It grows on you when you know it is going to be there for however long.


Paula said...

Good morning Lucy: Glad you are trying everything the doctor wants you to and hope it all works. You always have the nicest backgrounds for your blog.

jack69 said...

I'm with Paula, but only on the meds, I just cannot agree with you girls about us good guys. Y'all just don't understand us, and it is so hard to comprehend that since we are so nice and our lives are open books. LOL
Hope the meds do help and you get some relief...
Love from Florida!!!
(We walked out after church this morning and got a Krispy Kreme for breakfast. DO NOT TELL SHIRL, SHe gets upset easily, you now how GIRLS are. (smile)

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


If you can't sleep, no reason to toss and turn... you might as well get up. Hope your meds are helping you. We got a little snow last night but NOT the 9 inches we were expecting. STAY WARM!

shirl72 said...

Lucy glad you are feeling better.
It is time you need some good times. Hope good health continues.

OK Jack you know Lucy would tell me, she is my friend. I can't believe what you did Krispy Kreme for breakfast. Don't complain to me about pounds when you get home.

Chatty Crone said...

Well let's see what I remember - I like yellow it kind of makes things cheery doesn't it? You see all the snow and there is a yellow house like the sun.

I would follow your doctor's directions too. You know though - the heart medicine or other medicines might be keeping you up.

Just like you said - side affects.


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