Saturday, March 1, 2014

Time does slip away

March 1st I think is coming in like a lion.  We were supposed to get phase  1 OF 3 last night.  It is supposed to be very cold for March this year, this week.  We has , I would guess, flurries. I haven’t looked at a thermometer this morning.  Not sure I want to know.  Phase 2 is supposed to come in sometime today and they said accumulating snow, and very cold.  Then phase 3 is supposed to come in tonight and I shut the tv off.  I can’t do anything to change it so may as well not listen to it.

It looks like new neighbors are moving into the house that was just renovated.  I saw 2 active  boys, my guess would be 12 and 15.P2200072This is a small portion of the house.  I braved the windy snow, intending to get just snow blowing south.  This was a few days ago.  The man that bought this found lots more work needed done than he thought.  I would  like the yellow to be not so close to orange and the trim a different shade of brown.  It looks like a mansion than before he bought it and renovated it.  He had to open the upstairs up because the Smiths that had it many years ago made it a rental upstairs and down stairs a separate rental.  Then an ordinance went in that there had to be 2 openings, a entrance and an escape exit in case of fire.  There was an upstairs deck, a nice big one in good shape but they got by with just that one door.  So the buyer that bought it for back taxes came over and asked us why there was a door that if you stepped out you would fall one story to the ground.  We told him that the people that lost it to taxes was going to build a shorter deck and he didn’t know what they were doing and wound up with a rickety deck that no one would even think of stepping foot on.  Then he asked us why the large metal shed out back which was to be a garage, a big one only had a way to get in off the alley, the only way to get in, only had  a 3 foot wide area they could use and we explained that was the hoarders property line.  She had lined up refrigerators, old stoves, junk right down to the house this man bought. I seldom see her and that is good.  Since her husband died she has became an even more bitter, hateful woman.  She still has her  husbands goat.  Her husband was a hemophiliac   and he really went down fast.  If I was married to her I would go down fast also.    I made it a point not to get real friendly with any of my neighbors. The one neighbor  that insisted we be friends by coming over constantly turned out to be a drunk and when she died her alcoholic son inherited the house.  Joy, Joy!!! The one good thing he did was make the house look really nice, outside and inside but they sit out in the garage and drink every night with he music on.  Not to loud since an officer that had came out every night about loud music for a week told Tony he was going to give him a ticket for 250.00 if he had to come out one more time.  They keep it down now.


jack69 said...

You are right about the weather, not much you can do. Same for neighbors, you get what you get in this life for neighbors. We have been pretty lucky, and I hope we have been good neighbors also.

But the older I get the less inter-action there is. even in an RV park. the one thing about our life, if you don't happen to like your neighbors, the longest it is is TWO WEEKS. One of you are gonna move. ha!

Hope she goes out like a lamb, March that is.

shirl72 said...

Sounds like you live in a lively
neighborhood. I have good neighbors
and very thankful. Our weather is
very cold but tomorrow will be 60.
I am ready for Spring and wonder
what the weather hold for us this

Hope you are feeling better and
staying warm.

Jean said...

I guess I can say we have fairly good neighbors they don't bother anyone. Ha. The older people that did live around here has long time passed on, and the renters don't take care of the property. It's sad how some people don't care about other people's stuff. Take care, warm weather is getting near. Jean

Claudia said...

That house is such a bright orange-yellow, you could not miss it in a snowstorm. Phase one of the storm begins tonight. The most heavy snow will be between tomorrow night and Monday afternoon.

They are just guessing on how much.


We're having that storm here too. They're saying we'll get up to 9 inches. Your neighbors sound interesting for sure.

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh you are getting that weather that was supposed to come!
Did you say that house was orange?
I hope these people are going to be nicer then the last ones. Sandie

Paula said...

Hope your new neighbors will be good ones.

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